News Clips for June 27-29, 2020

Utah’s Pacific Islanders take culturally focused approach in reducing high number of COVID-19 infections

Haviar Tuitama Hafoka didn’t want people to know he was hospitalized with COVID-19. He was physically and emotionally drained. He thought he might die. And he worried about what his community would think and say because of the stigma surrounding the coronavirus.

Herd immunity? We aren’t close. Only about 1% of Utahns have COVID-19 antibodies.

Utah is a long way from having coronavirus herd immunity, according to University of Utah researchers examining the pandemic’s impact on the state.


Calls for emergency medical services have dropped 26.1% since March, but EMS-attended deaths have doubled, research finds.

HERO project conducts massive effort to track, test for COVID-19 in Utah

Many teams are working hard to understand some of the bigger moving pieces to this pandemic, specifically for Utah.

What are the signs of a stroke?

Dr. Jennifer Majersik, neurologist and medical director of the Stroke Center at University of Utah Health joined Ali Monsen on Good Things Utah to talk about stroke awareness and how to recognize the symptoms of a stroke. What happens during a stroke and what’re the different types of stroke?

Students share mixed emotion in U's decision to waive ACT and SAT scores

The University of Utah announced on Friday it will waive ACT and SAT requirements for Fall 2021 student admissions. University said it comes down to accessibility, and because of coronavirus this year, not all students were able to take the tests.

Do Utah voters care about a candidate’s loyalty to President Donald Trump?

Ahead of Tuesday’s Republican primary election for Utah governor, former House Speaker Greg Hughes is questioning Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox’s support for the president, going so far as to accuse his opponent of being a “never Trumper.”

Are voluntary workouts putting the upcoming college football season in jeopardy?

The impending decision as to whether or not have a college football season this year has been as bumpy and twisted as a roller coaster ride.

New Product Knowledge Inspires Brain Mapping Instruments Market

The utilization of brain mapping instruments has expanded because of increasing occurrences of brain ailments in different parts of the world. Increasing health concerns and enhanced healthcare infrastructure are a few of the foremost aspects driving the expansion of the worldwide market for brain mapping instruments.