News Clips for June 25 & 26, 2019

The Chilling Mystery of High-Altitude Suicides

U.S. counties above 4,000 feet have twice the suicides as counties at 2,000 feet. Is it because there's less oxygen in the air, or is something else going on?

Plants and trees can intensify droughts by drawing up large amounts of water

A team of biologists at the University of Utah has found that during prolonged periods of heat with low rainfall, some plants and trees waste valuable soil moisture in an effort to cool themselves off. According to the researchers, this behavior can actually intensify drought conditions. Also carried in, ScienceDaily, SciGlow, UPI, Medical Daily, Environmental News Network

The Mysterious Swimming Habits Of The Ancient Ammonite

These extinct shelled cephalopods ruled the ocean for 300 million years. But how they swam and shaped the seas remains a mystery.

Research shows fewer males born in U.S. during periods of stress

It is a common understanding in scientific research that the male species, in general, are frailer and experience higher rates of mortality across their lifespans than females. Now, there is evidence that among humans the frail male also extends in utero.

Unintended pregnancies are declining nationally, hovering at about one-in-five in Utah

David Turok remembers a patient he saw at a clinic in downtown Salt Lake City a few years ago. The woman had come “way too close to dying” while previously giving birth, Turok said. She wanted an IUD, but didn’t have insurance and couldn’t afford it. “Why are we making it so hard for people to plan their families?” he said.

Turns out, southern Utah’s juniper trees aren’t so indestructible after all. But what is killing them?

Late last fall, about 20 federal scientists toured southeastern Utah, prodding sickly and dead juniper trees, peeling back bark, snapping off branches and digging the dirt around root collars in search of clues to what could be killing the West’s most hardy tree species.

Wildfire smoke poses increasing health threat in Utah, experts say

As Utah and the West experience more severe and frequent wildfires, health risks caused by particulate pollution are becoming more serious, environmental experts say. And with temperatures in northern Utah hovering around 90 degrees, concerns of potential wildfires are rising with the thermometer.

Blue Distinction Center status granted to Huntsman Cancer Institute

Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah (U of U) is the first Regence provider designated as a national Blue Distinction® Center for Cellular Immunotherapy – CAR-T. The facility received this elite recognition after a rigorous evaluation process. CAR-T designated hospitals must be certified by a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) program which is required by the FDA to provide CAR-T therapies, and must be accredited by the Foundation for Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT), including Standards for Immune Effector Cells.

Populous hired to design Rice-Eccles Stadium expansion project, with slight changes

The University of Utah has selected Populous to design its $80 million Rice-Eccles Stadium south end zone expansion project. With the hiring of Populous comes a slight change to the stadium’s original expansion designs. The original design mockups had a walking platform atop the luxury suites. That design, though, has changed to include seating to accommodate the increase to 51,444 seats from 45,807.

Senate confirms Cicero Chairman Randy Shumway as University of Utah trustee; leadership vote on Tuesday

The Utah Senate has confirmed Cicero Group Chairman Randy Shumway as a member of the University of Utah’s board of trustees. Cicero Group is a global management consulting firm founded by Shumway in 2001. It has offices across the United States.

Salt Lake County urges Utah Legislature to pass conversion therapy ban

After legislation that would have banned conversion therapy in Utah was gutted on Capitol Hill earlier this year, the body overseeing Utah's most populous county is calling on the Utah Legislature to act.