News Clips for June 23, 2020

State and city leaders in U.S. respond to coronavirus surge with new rules, dire warnings

Utah’s state epidemiologist warned other officials that the state could be facing a “complete shutdown” if coronavirus cases continue to rise.

Utah Professor Developing COVID-19 Sensor to Detect Virus in 60 Seconds

University of Utah electrical and computer engineering professor Massood Tabib-Azar has received a $200,000 National Science Foundation Rapid Response Research (RAPID) grant to develop a portable, reusable coronavirus sensor that people can carry with them.

Fathers have more respect for at-home duties

Like millions of dads around the globe, Rahul Gandhi has taken on more responsibilities at home during the lockdown. There have been challenges with distance learning, for one, which has revealed important lessons about his girls.

Utah health officials warn of ‘complete shutdown’ if coronavirus cases don’t drop soon

Health officials are urging Gov. Gary Herbert to return coronavirus restrictions to the “orange” level statewide if Utah does not get down to an average of 200 new cases per day by July 1.

Researchers: Using Forests to Offset Carbon Emissions Will Require Better Understanding of Risks

Given the tremendous ability of forests to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, some governments want to plant forests to offset greenhouse gas emissions — a sort of climate investment. But if a forest goes bust, researchers say, much of that stored carbon could go up in smoke.

Genetic mutation rate could predict lifespan and fertility

Determining when ageing starts, our predicted remaining lifespan, and how long women remain fertile can be predicted from the rate we accumulate mutations as young adults, scientists claim.

University of Utah Health implements revised visiting policies

The University of Utah Health has implemented revised visiting policies effective Monday. “At University of Utah Health, we recognize the valuable emotional and/or physical support that a family member, companion, friend, neighbor or other caregiver can provide a patient during an appointment or hospital stay,” said a news release from officials. “We also strive to balance that critical role with the need to protect all patients, those accompanying patients, and staff from the potential spread of COVID-19.”

GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Navigate Utah Voters' Complicated Relationship With President Trump

Republican Utah voters have a complicated relationship with President Donald Trump. Utah’s GOP candidates for governor all say they support him but are navigating that differently.