News Clips for June 21, 2019

Youth leaders reunite at the University of Utah

Dozens of youth leaders from the three Ute sister tribes of Southern Ute, Northern Ute and Ute Mountain Ute gathered in Salt Lake City, Utah for the fifth annual Tri-Ute Youth Leadership Conference. This year’s conference was hosted by the Northern Ute Tribe on the University of Utah campus. The conference featured a fully packed agenda that began Sunday, June 15 and concluded on Wednesday, June 19.

“Missing” Wallets with More Cash Are More Likely to Be Returned

A massive global study with 17,000 planted wallets found similar patterns among most of the 40 countries involved.

A Vape Pen Exploded, Here Is What Happened To The Teen

Use of e-cigarettes has been exploding among youth, perhaps in more ways than one.

Study: Web of sensors shows how pollution varies over space and time

EDF-funded research finds air pollution can change sharply over relatively short distances within an hour.

Letter: The University of Utah wasn’t ready to handle the McCluskey controversy

The devastating story of Lauren McCluskey has been told, discussed and reviewed again and again. But evaluating the potential of the situation without professional crisis intervention was a huge mistake.