News Clips for June 19, 2019

Low prices of some lifesaving drugs make them impossible to get

When Andrew Archuleta’s bladder cancer returned two years ago, his doctor prescribed periodic treatments of a powerful immunotherapy designed to stave off another recurrence. But the latest round, scheduled for May, was abruptly canceled because of a severe shortage of the drug.

Utah Arts Festival 2019: Utah’s rich dance artistry in diverse platforms to be presented in major performances

This year, the Children’s Dance Theatre of The University of Utah’s Tanner Dance, one of the area’s longest running dance institutions, marked its 70th anniversary with what it has become essential in its cultural brand: a show, impressive in numbers of performers, fresh adaptations of classic stories with choreography and original music that delight festival audiences.

University of Utah chemistry building evacuated after chemical spill

The University of Utah’s chemistry building was evacuated Tuesday after a lab tech dropped a glass container of a potentially toxic chemical, FOX 13 reported.

Noise Pollution Could Be Setting Students Of Colour Up To Fail

When kids are in school, they need a fair amount of peace and quiet to succeed. Literally. Noise is a health hazard, according to the World Health Organisation. And a recent study shows how students of colour are more likely to face high exposure to road or aviation noise while in school.

Laser-metal interaction process scrutinized with X-ray movies

US-based researchers find microscopic manufacturing flaws and suggest routes to improvement of welding and treatments.

"He's A Republican All Day Long." President Trump's Support Grows In Utah

While supporters in a 20,000 seat stadium in Orlando, Florida, cheered President Donald Trump’s official kick-off of his 2020 campaign, a flag-waving party of roughly 50 people celebrated in Western Salt Lake City.