News Clips for June 15-17, 2019

For Their Inventions to Reach the Market, Researchers May Need a Venture-Development Assist

The early phase of an innovation’s development into a commercial product is called "the valley of death" because that’s where most new technologies perish. Companies and even venture-capital groups are wary of betting on untested new gizmos and processes, the kind your university’s researchers are working on right now.

In Plain Sight

The killing of a student, one in a growing list of victims, opened her university’s eyes to the unseen danger of intimate-partner violence.

U of U Ph.D. student doing second cross-country hike, raising funds for cancer research

The Continental Divide Trail, stretching from Mexico to Canada, isn't for the faint of heart. "There is a hashtag that they're using, 'embrace the brutality,'" said hiker Caroline Himbert. "It's true!" Himbert is pursuing a doctorate degree in public health from the University of Utah and is using the hike to raise funds for cancer research through the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.

Industrial ammonia production emits more CO2 than any other chemical-making reaction. Chemists want to change that

Scientists around the world are working to reduce how much greenhouse gas the ammonia-making process emits

Researchers capture microscopic manufacturing flaws via high-speed X-ray movies

Microscopic defects that occur in laser-based manufacturing of metal parts can lead to big problems if undetected, and the process of fixing these flaws can increase the time and cost of high-tech manufacturing. But new research into the cause of these flaws could lead to a remedy.

How to Use a Slide Rule

I’ve always felt a little left out of the traditional nerd stereotypes. I don’t wear glasses, my lady clothes have no real pockets so I can’t use a pocket protector, and I was born well after the reign of the slide rule. But in the spirit of Analog Week, I’m trying to learn.