News Clips for June 14, 2019

Why American men say being a father is their most important role

Even the most accomplished of American men say their most cherished role is "dad." Why does being a father matter most in personal identity, even in an age of shifting gender roles?

These colleges let students ditch extra loans. But will students pay more in the long run?

Andrew Hoyler had already given up a lot in his effort to become a pilot. He had secured scholarships, took out federal student loans and worked several jobs, but it still wasn’t enough. But his college, Purdue University, had another option for him.

Scientists Are Trying To Measure The Value Of Outdoor Service Work For Transitioning Veterans

Congress is considering legislation to encourage "outdoor therapy" for veterans with injuries or post-traumatic stress. Volunteer groups are already running similar programs in national parks.

Ethnic minority children are exposed to more noise pollution at school

US schoolchildren from ethnic minority or poorer backgrounds are much more likely to be exposed to noise pollution from cars and planes, the first effort to map the problem has found.


More than three-quarters of antibiotic prescriptions written by dentists before dental procedures are unnecessary and might do more harm than good, a new U.S. study found.

Meditation helps treat and even prevent opioid addiction, University of Utah studies show

A series of studies headed by a University of Utah professor suggest that mindfulness training — or meditation — can help those struggling with opioid addiction.

Sugar House in pictures: checking in on new office space, medical center and hundreds of residential units

University of Utah Health will move into Building A and open the Sugar House Health Center, on the east end of the site. The university will begin moving in this summer with plans to open by October, according to officials with CBRE, the firm selected to oversee leasing of the Park Ave SLC development.

Scott D. Pierce: Almost unimaginably, the U. made itself look worse in ‘Dateline’ report about McCluskey murder

Even before the “Dateline” report about the murder of Lauren McCluskey aired on Monday, you had to know that it likely wasn’t going to go well for the University of Utah. Still, it was startling to see a bad situation become even worse when NBC correspondent Josh Mankiewicz interviewed the U.’s retiring vice president for student affairs.