News Clips for June 12, 2020

Utahns create community art projects to capture protests against racial injustice

When Sebastian Stewart-Johnson started Unified Allies 4 Change with his brothers and a friend less than two weeks ago, they knew their mission: to amplify the voices of marginalized people and bring their community together.

University of Utah creates fund to honor George Floyd and help black students

The University of Utah is creating a fund to honor the man killed by police in Minneapolis on May 25.

Utah women’s soccer team runs 8.46 miles to raise money, awareness for racial justice

Athletes from across the nation, including members of the University of Utah women’s soccer team, ran 8.46 miles Monday in memory of George Floyd. The 8.46 miles was chosen to represent the 8 minutes and 46 seconds that Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin had his knee on George Floyd’s neck, leading to Floyd’s death.

University of Utah vows to fight racism in research

The University of Utah’s research community participated this week in #ShutDownAcademia, a day dedicated to conversations about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Should conviction of an off-duty officer for displaying his service weapon chill police from responding to dangerous situations?

Imagine you – a cop – are hunting with your family on public hunting grounds when another hunter shoots in your direction. Despite your attempt to alert the shooter to your presence, two more rounds are fired. In addition to your shotgun, you also have your service weapon.

The Legend of Indian Rock, Berkeley’s Bouldering Haven

For millennia, people have gathered at Berkeley’s rocks. They will again soon.

Authors, elite journals under fire after major retractions

Last month, Mandeep Mehra, Amit N. Patel, and Sapan Desai were riding high, with shared co-authorships on major new papers in The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) and an influential preprint. Drawing on what appeared to be a vast patient data trove from hospitals around the world, the papers delivered seemingly definitive news about whether already approved drugs were safe for COVID-19 patients, or effective against the disease.

Researchers Confirm Existence of Elusive Phase of Liquid Crystals

A team of scientists from the University of Colorado Boulder and the University of Utah has confirmed the existence of a ferroelectric nematic phase of liquid crystal first proposed more than 100 years ago.

Caldera chronicles: YVO welcomes Montana State University to the team

Unlike most volcano observatories, Yellowstone is monitored by a consortium of institutions. The Yellowstone Volcano Observatory was founded in 2001 and at first only involved three organizations: Yellowstone National Park, the United States Geological Survey and the University of Utah. In 2013 it expanded to eight institutions. Now, in 2020, Montana State University has joined the group.

Private patient records accessed in cyberattack on University of Utah Health that lasted 2 months

Hackers accessed private patient medical records at the University of Utah’s hospitals in a cyberattack that went unnoticed for nearly two months.

What to do online this week

There are plenty of events going on in Utah this week that you can participate in from home.

Testing sewage for the coronavirus seemed to work. It detected the outbreak in Cache County.

After a six-week trial of screening wastewater for the coronavirus, Utah public health officials plan to scale up a program to test sewage flowing into 40 treatment plants serving three-quarters of the state’s population.