News Clips for June 12, 2019

The Campus Innovation Myth

A half-century of occasional breakthroughs — and many disappointments

A new way of helping students pay for college: Give them corporate jobs

On the third floor of a downtown office building, Solomon Kalapala was chatting with a Microsoft customer on one computer screen while troubleshooting the customer’s misbehaving software on another.

U of U holds football camp for athletes with special needs

The University of Utah men’s football team made some new friends Tuesday. Head Coach Kyle Wittingham and the team have teamed up with the organization “Hoop Camp” to invite adults and children with special needs to meet and play with the team in a non-contact football camp.

Neanderthal Ancestors Hooked Up With An Unknown Species We've Never Found

The story of human evolution is no stranger to inter-species breeding – in fact, it's practically built on it. Homo sapiens (as in, us) regularly romped with Neanderthals over the course of past millennia. Our species have also enjoyed a fair amount of hanky panky with our mysterious hominin cousins, the Denisovans, too. Also in the Daily Mail

The disturbing return of scientific racism

Angela Saini's Superior charts the rise of race science that's being enabled by technology and genetics research. Discover the worrying new trend in this extract.

Scientists Film Lice Having Sex for the First Time

In a scientific first, researchers captured lice attempting to have sex on camera. The research was part of a new University of Utah experiment designed to show how natural selection can cause new species to form. “No one has filmed lice mating before, I guarantee you that,” Scott Villa, one of the biologists, said in a press release. Also in the Miami Herald.

She did everything right

Dateline reports on the Lauren McCluskey murder.

Mountain Money - June 10, 2019 Troy D'Ambrosio

Troy D’Ambrosio is the executive director of the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, assistant dean at the David Eccles School of Business and holds a Presidential Chair in Entrepreneurship at the U. The Lassonde Institute assists students and faculty from idea to company launch through programs, competitions, and curriculum.

The State of LGBTQ Curriculum: Tide Is Turning as Some States Opt for Inclusion, Others Lift Outright Restrictions

Bayard Rustin was a lead organizer of the March on Washington in 1963, a close confidante of Martin Luther King Jr. and a fiery voice for desegregation. In most U.S. history classes, that might be all students are asked to learn about him. But Rustin was also openly gay, and he became a prominent gay rights advocate.

St. George-based educational nonprofit School of Life set to launch in Samoa

A St. George-based nonprofit educational program that focuses on raising high school graduation rates is expanding its reach to the Independent State of Samoa.

Was KD sent back onto the court too soon? Medical experts say no

Injury to Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant didn’t shock some physicians