News Clips for June 1, 2018

Sci-fi inspires SMU professor's particle-sized robots that could perform surgery

MinJun Kim says he “got a shock” in graduate school when he discovered the science fiction film Fantastic Voyage.In the movie, a submarine crew...

Utah researchers say common antidepressants don't work as well at high altitudes

Researchers at the University of Utah are finding that high altitude could worsen levels of depression and lower a person's response to certain antidepressants.

Utah emissions study: A blueprint for global urban centers?

A first of its kind study in North America tracking emissions in the Salt Lake Valley using sensors mounted on TRAX trains has global implications. Researchers say it could be deployed in urban centers around the world to get more information.

U of U AirMed celebrates 40 years of saving lives

(KUTV) -- University of Utah Health celebrated the 40th anniversary of its AirMed service established in June of 1978.AirMed was the 8th air medical transport program in the nation. Since that time, the air ambulance service has transported nearly 75,000

Million-dollar Kavli prize recognizes scientist scooped on CRISPR

Award goes to biochemists Virginijus Siksnys, whose lab independently developed the gene-editing tool, Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna.

UMFA’s new Chiura Obata exhibit asks: ‘Who gets to be called American?’

The innovative artist, under-recognized in his own time, gets a thought-provoking retrospective exhibit at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts.

AirMed celebrates 40 years of flying patients to the University of Utah Hospital

AirMed, the University of Utah Hospital’s medical transport program, celebrated its 40th anniversary Thursday.

Fragile Antibiotic Supply Chain Causes Shortages And Is A National Security Threat

A fragile supply chain of antibiotics leads to shortages, resistance, and poses a security threat. A new white paper from Access to Medicine explains.