News Clips for July 9, 2020

Challenge calls on participants to become advocates for racial equality

Amid ongoing demonstrations over racial injustice sparked by the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, YWCA Utah is one of the first organizations in the state to offer the 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge in an effort to bolster understanding of everyday racism in America.

List of COVID-19 symptoms is growing. Here's what to look for

As experts work to learn about more about the coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has alerted the public to new symptoms and warning signs of COVID-19.

The Tipping Point Fund on Impact Investing Announces $752,000 in Grants to Advance Policy Ideas with the Potential to Mobilize Private Capital for Public Good

Grant recipients will focus on public policy recommendations to help create and amplify the tools and policies needed to scale the impact investing market.

What went wrong with former Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.’s third run for Utah governor?

When former Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. returned to Utah from Moscow last fall after serving as President Donald Trump’s U.S. ambassador to Russia and jumped into the governor’s race, many assumed the popular, twice-elected leader would be tough — if not impossible — to beat.

International Student Visas In Jeopardy After Policy Announcement

A new policy from federal officials says international students cannot stay in the U.S. if they take classes entirely online this fall. MIT and Harvard have announced they will sue the Trump administration over the announcement, and the policy has many international students in Utah on edge.

U of U officials address new ICE rules for international students

University of Utah officials are addressing the newly announced Immigration and Customs Enforcement modifications concerning international students.

Campaigning during coronavirus, GOP ex-envoy falls short

As a once enormously popular governor, scion of a prominent family and ambassador under two presidents to America’s biggest global rivals, Jon Huntsman Jr. should be a political force to be reckoned with. But his comeback attempt fell short in a GOP primary as he contended with a crushing pandemic and a fresh-faced opponent.

Drought-hit forests may worsen climate change

Forests help to slow the challenge of climate change, don’t they? Only if climate change doesn’t fell the forests first.

University of Utah School of Dentistry clinic reopens to treat vulnerable populations

Dental school in Beehive State resumed treatment by faculty, students working together.

Letter: Time for the U. to catch up

Why is there no talk of changing the University of Utah’s mascot? Racism is being addressed all over the United States. Many places are proactively changing slogans and marketing images. Universities are removing racist statues and renaming buildings — but the U. is clinging to its shameful Ute image?

5 ways Utah's strong housing market can help you get into your dream home

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic may have dealt a heavy blow to economies across the globe, but there’s still at least one sector that’s still going strong: Utah’s housing market.

Local Residents Call For Price Police Chief's Removal, Three Years After Racist Facebook Comments

Residents of Price and nearby Helper have revived calls for the Price City police chief to step down, due to concerns that he is racially biased. Calls for his resignation first came in 2017, after Brandon Sicilia, then a sergeant, posted derogatory comments about Black and Muslim people on Facebook, and again in 2019, when he was promoted to police chief.

How Could Human Nature Have Become This Politicized?

The nation’s faltering attempt to contain the Covid-19 pandemic has revealed once again the role of political partisanship in every aspect of American society.

This cone snail is a fish's worst nightmare

Nearly a century after insulin was discovered, an international team of researchers including University of Utah Health scientists report that they have developed the world's smallest, fully functional version of the hormone, one that combines the potency of human insulin with the fast-acting potential of a venom insulin produced by predatory cone snails. The finding, based on animal studies, could jumpstart the development of insulin treatments capable of improving the lives of those with diabetes.

How to Think like a Programmer When Problem Solving

Do you want to learn to problem-solve like a computer programmer? Then you have come to the right place. Here we explore how the average programmer tackles problems and suggest ways to help you do the very same. A better, more efficient problem-solving future awaits you. At least in theory.