News Clips for July 7-9, 2018

The Mark Harlan era begins at Utah

Mark Harlan promises openness, accountability and an embrace of a friendly and fierce rivalry.

All Birth Control Pills Aren't Created Equal In Managing Endometriosis, Say Experts

Birth control pills continue to be a popular and viable option for women with endometriosis attempting to manage endo pain. But when it comes to choosing the best pill, are all birth control pills created equal?

Insectivorous birds consume annually as much energy as the city of New York

Insectivorous birds, represented by more than 6,000 species, are found across the world in all major land ecosystems. The fact that they are extremely useful as natural enemies of herbivorous insects had been known for some time. Zoologists at the University of Basel, the University of Utah (Salt Lake City), the University of Illinois (Chicago), and Koç University (Istanbul) have now used calculations to highlight their global ecological importance.

A new Supreme Court justice may lead to the end of Roe v. Wade. How would that impact abortions in Utah?

Just weeks after Donald Trump was elected, University of Utah law professor Teneille Brown told students she believed Roe v. Wade would be overturned if the new president succeeded in his plan to “shake up” the U.S. Supreme Court by adding more conservative justices.

Double duty: Utah puts sensors on public transit to monitor air quality

Researchers at the University of Utah are using a train-mounted sensor to collect spatial and temporal data on air pollutants.

Salt Lake Gaming Con draws thousands of competition junkies to Sandy

Video gamers, pinball wizards, voice actors, cosplayers and more spawned in the Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy on Friday for the fourth annual Salt Lake Gaming Con.

Utah athletic director Mark Harlan has hit the ground running in his first week on the job

Mark Harlan took a peek out the window of the private plane as he flew south and got a panoramic glimpse of Zion National Park as his flight descended. Minutes later, he stepped off onto the runway and went to work. Four days into his job as Utah’s new athletic director, Harlan flew to St. George for an alumni event held at Dixie State University.