News Clips for July 3-6, 2020

What Makes Bars and Restaurants Potential Covid-19 Hot Spots

Enclosed spaces with clusters of people sharing food, talking loudly and drinking alcohol raise transmission risks.

Law enforcement brings ‘Good Night Lights’ to Primary Children’s Hospital

Several members of Utah law enforcement spent their 4th of July bringing joy to hospitalized children in Salt Lake City. University of Utah Police Department and other Salt Lake valley first-responder agencies arrived at Primary Children’s Hospital Saturday night to bring a unique light show to children who otherwise might not have been able to celebrate the holiday.

Women's communication shapes division of labor in household

For many couples, COVID-19 quarantine has shattered the normal routine and led some to renegotiate who does what around the house.

What ‘Hamilton’ gets right and wrong

Many people are now seeing ‘Hamilton’ for the first time, as the Broadway phenomenon came to Disney Plus Friday.

Sexual assault survivors are naming their assailants with #UtahRapists

One of the first posts is from a woman who says she was raped in a parking lot as a teenager. She and a friend were making out in her beat-up sedan when he became forceful. “I told him ‘no’ repeatedly,” she said.

My brain on nature: How the natural world helped heal me after a devastating accident

As the world's changed in the past few months I've experienced a sense of deja vu. I've been here before. This feels familiar. But the last time this happened, I was alone and no-one knew what was going on.

Each of Utah’s Republican candidates for governor won—and lost—these counties

In the close race for Utah governor between Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox and former Gov. Jon Huntsman, the final outcome may come down to where in the state the tens of thousands of yet-uncounted ballots are from.

New study shows Glendale and Rose Park hit hardest by COVID-19

A new study shows low-income Utahns—who are often minorities—are being hit much harder by the pandemic than their wealthier neighbors.

Salt Lake County extends mask order through August; Salt Lake Chamber asks for statewide order

Salt Lake County on Thursday extended its mask health order to last through August. On the same day, the Salt Lake Chamber and over 130 businesses called on state leaders to make face masks mandatory throughout Utah.

Why is Utah's survival rate for coronavirus better than 42 states?

More Utahns survive the novel coronavirus than in more than 40 other states.

How COVID-19 Causes Blood Clots

One of the many puzzling aspects of COVID-19 is the risk, in some patients, even younger patients, of unusual blood clotting that can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Researchers at the University of Utah Health have identified inflammatory proteins produced during a COVID-19 infection that alters the function of platelets, which increases their likelihood of forming blood clots. The research was published in Blood, an American Society of Hematology journal.

Utah researchers’ findings show most residents ‘highly susceptible’ to COVID-19 infection

First phase of antibody testing results released by University of Utah as part of the HERO project.

Salt Lake may use city crew to paint 'Black Lives Matter' outside city hall

Salt Lake City may be poised to use city resources to paint "Black Lives Matter" in large letters right outside City Hall.

U of U cancels December convocation

The University of Utah has postponed its in-person college convocation ceremonies scheduled for December due to continued coronavirus concerns.

Utah researchers' findings show most residents 'highly susceptible' to COVID-19 infection

The number of Utahns with antibodies from the novel coronavirus is lower than researchers expected, indicating we have “a highly susceptible population.”

For its COVID-19 response, Utah leaned on business consultants to steer logistics

A group of business consultants is playing a behind-the-scenes role in Utah’s coronavirus response, advising the state budget and management heads who have at times supplanted health officials in decisions about fighting the disease.

U. condemns 'repugnant' remarks made to former Utah player following Scalley investigation

A day after the University of Utah reinstated defensive coordinator Morgan Scalley to his position following an investigation into a racial slur he used in 2013, former Utah cornerback Ryan Lacy says he’s received death threats for his part in the investigation.