News Clips for July 31, 2020


Led by Director Roger Altizer, PhD, Associate Director Greg Bayles and Project Manager Jesse Ferraro, the Therapeutic Games and Apps Lab (or the GApp Lab) at the University of Utah is exploring how health sciences and game programming can be brought together to heal, nurture and teach. In Dr. Altizer’s own words, the GApp Lab “brings clinical experts, game developers, and patients together to creatively and playfully make games, apps and VR/AR experiences to help users heal and learn,” he says.

A new coronavirus study explores ‘big bias’ in how information reached Utah’s hard-hit Hispanics

Robert Welsh walked into a Target in March and stopped when a sign caught his attention. It said the store was not a COVID-19 testing center. He was curious.

Why recovery requires both fiscal and public health solutions

“Providing income to people with no incomes or low incomes, is often our best way to spend a dollar,” says a University of Utah economist.

Utah doctor says statewide mask mandate could help alleviate strain on hospitals

For the past seven days, the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations has averaged slightly above 211 per day. It’s a statistic one Utah doctor said is “concerning.”

Jeff Caplan’s Afternoon News: Delay a Presidential election?

It’s possible for a presidential election to be delayed in the United States. But the President can’t delay it. That’s a job for Congress, as mandated by the U.S. Constitution. The question was raised after President Trump questioned, via a series of Tweets, whether the upcoming presidential election should be delayed over concern of voter fraud. “It’s simply not going to happen,” University of Utah Law Professor Paul Cassell told KSL Newsradio.

Letter: Two modern Utah pioneers blazed the way for telehealth

I have watched our society wrestle with how to deal with COVID 19. Telemedicine has emerged to reduce cross-infections and protect caregivers. Telemedicine became mainstream a few years ago when the largest health care provider launched its own brand of telehealth in Utah. This is not new to many of us.

Posthospital follow-up visits for bronchiolitis may not be needed

As-needed follow-up is an equally effective posthospitalization follow-up strategy when compared with a scheduled follow-up visit for young children hospitalized for bronchiolitis, according to a study published online July 6 in JAMA Pediatrics.

Are simple at-home tests telling covid-infected Americans they don't have the virus?

Easy nostril swabs miss 14% more cases than 'brain scraping' samples taken by nurses, study suggests.