News Clips for July 31, 2019

Latter-day: What 'Pre-marital Exams' Can Teach About Sex Education In Utah

Mormon culture influences nearly every aspect of life in Utah. But these days, many long-held values are being challenged, even by the faithful. KUER’s new series “Latter-day” examines how Mormon culture is—and isn’t—changing in response.

Iowa 'miracle baby' born weighing 13 ounces

A newborn in Iowa who weighed just 13 ounces when he made his debut at 23 weeks gestation has already been making his parents proud.

Davis, Salt Lake county attorneys advise health departments to not dispense medical cannabis

Utah’s legalized medical marijuana program may have problems before it even goes into effect. Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings recently told Davis County Health Department officials he recommends that the department not issue medical marijuana when Utah’s new Medical Cannabis Program begins next year. At the same time, Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill said he has also voiced his concerns about the law to state officials.

Scientists Find Two New Species Of Tweezer-Beaked Hopping Rats

After failing to bait the rodents with peanut butter, scientists in the Philippines and the US switched to using earthworms to finally discover two new species of rats living in the mountains of the Philippines.

David Garbett: I am running for mayor of Salt Lake City to improve our air

I’m running for mayor of Salt Lake City because we need leadership to address our air quality problems. Every year, my wife and I dread the arrival of our winter inversion season. We know that living here during those episodes of high pollution is terrible for our kids’ health (and ours). Just this week, I met with a doctor from the University of Utah Hospital whose research recently found that for a pregnant woman, spending a week in a Utah inversion increases the risk of miscarriage more than using cocaine.

Global effort to address degenerative spine conditions “imperative” to reduce disability

In a recent, award-winning study, 266 million individuals (3.63%) worldwide were found to have degenerative spine disease and low back pain annually. “Significantly,” the investigators note, “data quality is higher in high-income countries, making overall quantification in low- and middle-income countries less complete.” They conclude that “a global effort to address degenerative conditions of the lumbar spine in regions with high demand is important to reduce disability.”

Chimerix Licenses Cantex’s CX-01 for AML after Promising Phase II Results

Chimerix said today it will develop Cantex Pharmaceuticals’ Phase III-bound CX-01 as a first-line treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and possibly other blood cancers, through an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement that could generate more than $617.5 million for Chimerix.

Could Altitude Partially Explain Suicide, Mental Health Issues In The Mountain West?

The Mountain West has disproportionately high rates of depressive disorders and suicide. Researchers are trying to find out why. Turns out, the mountains themselves might have something to do with it.