News Clips for July 31, 2018

Lifelike mannequins help U. nursing students simulate real-life scenarios that 'change in an instant'

A vulnerable newborn-sized figure lies on a medical table as several nurses bustle around the room and chest compressions are performed. "Fast and even compressions," one of them reminds the group. All does not go smoothly inside the room.

Should Researchers Tell You When They Find Bad News In Your DNA?

There are many private testing services that will decode your DNA, catalog the foreign chemicals in your blood, or identify the bacteria living in and on your body. So it might come as a surprise that if you sign up for an actual biomedical research study, you might not be privy to what the scientists learn about you.

Some think one sentence in the Utah Constitution might undo the Inland Port Authority

The Utah Inland Port Authority is open for business, after a false start and some rejiggering in a special session of the Legislature. In their meeting Monday, board members were sworn in and set about the routine actions of scheduling and staffing. But there was no mention of a threat that some believe might still undo the new board: the ripper.

Department of Energy Awards $140M Grant to Utah's EGI to Develop Energy Lab : CEG

Following a three-year, five-way competitive process, the U.S. Department of Energy has selected the Energy and Geosciences Institute (EGI) at the University of Utah to develop a geothermal laboratory near Milford, Utah.

Area nonprofit turns around impoverished African villages

In Mozambique, one quarter of the adults have HIV, 75 percent are unemployed, one in seven children dies before age 5 and the expected life span is 48. In this southeast African county, a little-known Mesa-based nonprofit is working to turn the tide, one village at a time.

Huntsman Cancer Institute trains Rocky Mountain Power on UV protection, offers general tips to public

A team from the Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah recently visited St. George to provide UV exposure and sun-safety education to Rocky Mountain Power employees. However, while this training was specifically for Rocky Mountain Power, the tips offered by the Huntsman representatives are good for anyone who spends a fair amount of time outdoors.

Gehrke: How a changing Utah population may lead to a more politically balanced state

What might it take for Utah to change from a solidly red state politically to a more purplish hue? Perhaps it’s just a matter of time. We all know Utah’s population has been exploding. It was the fastest-growing state in 2016 and has been among the fastest growing states for decades. Between 2000 and 2010, just two states — Nevada and Arizona — saw more growth.

In honor of Harry Potter's 38th birthday, here's what you should know about Utah's Quidditch community

When Amber Zehner started the painstaking process of applying for colleges and deciding where she would spend the next four years of her life, there was one major, unusual requirement for her future university: a Quidditch team.

A high-tech baby simulator is allowing nursing students at the University of Utah to practice life-saving techniques without the risk of hurting a real infant.