News Clips for July 3, 2019

5 questions for colleges considering income-share agreements

From regulations to success metrics, we look at aspects of the emerging financing tool that institutions should factor in when designing their programs.

U of Utah Health will no longer bill patients' surviving spouses for medical debt

Salt Lake City-based University of Utah Health has eliminated a policy under which it billed surviving spouses of patients for debt, according to CBS affiliate TV station KUTV.

‘Her death is not her fault’: Friends of slain Utah student condemn victim blaming

Since the day Mackenzie Lueck disappeared, her friends have been in front of the story, advocating for the 23-year-old University of Utah student to police, the public, and the press.

15 colleges and universities that will pay you to play competitive video games

Playing video games might sound like the most unlikely way to pull a college scholarship, but an increasing number of students are doing just that: Scoring a college education because of their gaming skills.

Gehrke: It’s time for the University of Utah to accept its failures in Lauren McCluskey’s murder

The University of Utah owes a debt to the family of Lauren McCluskey it can never fully repay—and it has nothing to do with the $56 million lawsuit Lauren’s family filed last week over her killing.

House candidate’s nonprofit group pushed policies that aided his business interests while raising energy bills

Dan McCready, the Democratic congressional candidate in North Carolina, sat on the board of a nonprofit organization that lobbied for policies that benefited his solar energy business while allowing electric companies to raise consumer rates to offset state clean energy mandates.