News Clips for July 27, 2018

Study of ‘sea nomads’ under fire in Indonesia

In April, a paper showing why Indonesia's Bajau people are such great divers drew worldwide attention as a striking example of recent human evolution (Science, 20 April, p. 244). But the study, published in Cell, has created a different kind of stir in Indonesia, where some say it is an example of “helicopter research” carried out by scientists from rich countries with little consideration for local regulations and needs.

Baxter boosts 2018 outlook but IV bag supply still under pressure

"We hope that by the end of the year, early next year, MINI-BAG Plus and MINI-BAG will be off allocation," Baxter CEO ​José Almeida told investors.

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Chronic Migraine Linked to Lower Visual Quality of Life

Researchers found that people who suffer from chronic migraine experience visual quality of life impacts comparable to other neoro-opthalmic disorders.