News Clips for July 23, 2019

How To Sleep When It’s Hot Outside & You Don’t Have AC

Here's a midsummer nightmare: I don't have air-conditioning in my house, so every night I create a Dyson fan tornado and pray to make it to morning. Dramatic as that may sound, if you're someone who already has trouble sleeping, trying to do it when it's sweltering hot makes it all the more frustrating, and there's a scientific explanation why.

The new.TV: Making a living as a video game streamer

This could be the future of television. Twitch.TV is a live video streaming platform where anyone with a camera and an idea can start a channel and start streaming about anything. Seriously, anything–from cooking shows to a University of Utah professor’s accordion practice.

Having More Women at the Helm Can Create Positive Change

The percentage of women college presidents in the United States had been stalled at 26 percent for a decade and then finally increased to 30 percent in 2017. Although the progress nationally related to gender seems to move at a glacial rate, there are pockets of more substantial gains.

Industry Buzz: Rexchanger app, Wigwam, first National Park City, store closure, L.L.Bean in Canada, and more

New gear app: A University of Utah student launched the app "Rexchanger," or recreation exchanger, allowing everyday people to rent out their own gear at a fraction of the price. Renters save money, while the gear owners make a little money. The startup recently debuted at Cotopaxi's Questival in Salt Lake City.

Stay safe in Utah's summer heat

A heat advisory has been issued for the Wasatch front. Temperatures are expected to be as high as 102 degrees, the advisory is in effect from noon on Monday until midnight on Tuesday.

Salt Lake City battles heat wave

While temperatures soared Monday to a high of 103 degrees, northern Utah health workers and first responders braced themselves for potential impacts.