News Clips for July 20-22, 2019

Utah chooses 8 applicants to be licensed to grow medical marijuana

The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food announced Friday it has chosen eight applicants that will be licensed to grow medical marijuana in the state.

UnDisciplined: The Evolutionary Biologist And The Epidemiological Obstetrician

Do you know what kills more women during and after pregnancy than anything else? The answer is probably going to surprise you. And do you have a pretty good understanding of how evolution works? If so, we might have another surpirse for you.

U of U scholars demonstrate that parents are the power, solution for education reform

A new policy memo released last week involving the University of Utah and other researchers contends that educational systems need new strategies to engage families and communities.

For the love of pets; a facial recognition primer

Many are very concerned about efforts to develop and employ facial recognition in society. No friends seem aware that facial recognition is also being developed for pets and wildlife. Now, before you go off-the-grid full bamboo on me, let’s look a little more closely.

Microbes in Gut Protect Nervous System After Viral Infections, Study Suggests

Gut microbes prime immune cells called microglia to protect the brain and nervous system from neurological damage due to viral infections, according to new research in mice.

How Outdoor And Indoor Air Quality Affects Expecting Mothers

By now everyone knows that poor air quality is associated with a host of health problems involving the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Air pollution exposure is known to cause asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and even lung cancer, making air filters an important tool in parts of the country with bad air quality.

Development in Bozeman and the basin

The white stuff falling from the sky on June 7, the day of High Country News’ board meeting in Bozeman, Montana, wasn’t quite snow and it wasn’t quite sleet. “That would be graupel,” one local told me at Wild Joe’s Coffee Spot, one of the half-dozen or so cafes on the bustling Main Street. Outside, the miniature snowballs were forming a layer of slush on the sidewalk, while dozens of flame-orange and red western tanagers huddled in the bushes on the side streets, waiting for a break in the storm.

“There’s speculators buying up houses:” Denver’s East Colfax braces for transit, density and displacement

On a burning-hot July day, Tom and Cassandra Chavez stood outside the 1947 two-bedroom cottage they have nearly finished renovating.

Three bodies assist Ensign College with structures

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in partnership with the University of Utah and ASHA Unitus Labs, is co-sponsoring a two-storey building project for the Ensign College of Public Health (ECOPH) at Kpong in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality in the Eastern Region.

Salt Lake's Recursion Pharma nails down $121 million in new funding

One of Utah's fastest-growing biotech companies, Recursion Pharmaceuticals, announced a $121 million funding round this week, pushing the 6-year-old startup's total financing north of a quarter-billion dollars.

University of Utah police investigating after officer hits suspect with patrol car

University of Utah police are investigating if one of their officers did anything wrong when he crashed into a theft suspect who was riding a bicycle on Thursday, sending the woman to the hospital.