News Clips for July 20, 2018

New Species Of Armored Dinosaur Found In Utah Unveils The Mystery Of Its Spiky Skull

New Species Of Armored Dinosaur Found In Utah Unveils The Mystery Of Its Spiky Skull

In our opinion: Rising health care costs aren't what the doctor ordered

A new survey sponsored by the University of Utah Health suggests doctors aren’t to blame for skyrocketing health care costs. Instead, accountability for outsized bills and fees should fall, in large part, with the web of pharmaceutical and insurance companies. Regardless of which side of the health care industry one falls, more transparency and competition must thrive to provide Americans with affordable health care.

If Mike Lee Has His Way, Utah Won't Get More Monuments

A new bill would strip the president of designating new monuments in the state—an idea that has already come to fruition in Alaska and Wyoming

Would You Invest 40 Percent More Money For Sustainable Real Estate? - Utah Business

For Redfish, the first challenge was not just to determine whether homebuyers would pay the 30 percent to 40 percent premium for an extremely well-built, energy efficient home, but also whether lenders would risk capital on one. Would you invest 40 percent more for sustainable real estate?

Dr. O'Neil on Emerging Therapeutic Techniques in Bladder Cancer

Brock O’Neil, MD, assistant professor, Division of Urology, University of Utah School of Medicine, Huntsman Cancer Institute, discusses emerging therapeutic techniques in bladder cancer.

Jazz end partnership with Papa John’s; University of Utah may drop company as well

The Utah Jazz have notified Papa John’s Pizza of their intent to end their relationship with the company, The Salt Lake Tribune learned Thursday.

Look at This Incredible New Armored Dinosaur Found in Utah

They’re calling this newly discovered dinosaur “thorny head,” and it’s changing what we know of North American ankylosaurs, the heavily armored herbivores that had the misfortune of living alongside Tyrannosaurus rex during the Late Cretaceous.

New bony, spiky species of dinosaur found in Utah

It's not big by most dinosaur standards — between only 13 and 16 feet long — but you can bet its armored tail with a club packed a good punch. Meet Akainacephalus johnsoni, the latest new species of dinosaur unearthed in Utah, in particular within the former boundaries of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument's Kaiparowits Plateau.

Utah Jazz to part ways with Papa John's after founder's remarks

The Utah Jazz will not renew their partnership with the pizza chain when their contract runs out before the 2018-2019 starts, league sources confirmed with Thursday.

The University of Utah is considering cutting ties with Papa John's following an incident in which the pizza chain’s founder admitted to using a racial slur.

U of U reviewing contract with Papa John’s, removing all images of John Schnatter from campus location

The University of Utah is reviewing its contract with Papa John’s and considering other options for the student union’s food court. The move comes after Papa John’s Founder John Schnatter made headlines for using the N-word during a conference call.