News Clips for July 2, 2020

Black families pay significantly higher property taxes than white families, new analysis shows

State by state, neighborhood by neighborhood, black families pay 13 percent more in property taxes each year than a white family would in the same situation, a massive new data analysis shows.

What's Next, America?

Psychic readings on the occasion of the nation's birthday.

Quantifying Injustice

Just as a YouTube algorithm might recommend videos with more and more extremist views, machine learning techniques applied to crime data can magnify existing injustice.

Expert warns hospitals could be overrun in August after coronavirus cases double in June

Health experts say Utah has reached a "tipping point" in COVID-19 hospitalizations and at the current infection rate predict Utah will over-run hospital capacity in early August.

Positive autism screening results rarely prompt follow-up

Most toddlers who screen positive for autism do not receive the recommended referrals for follow-up tests and therapies, a new study of nearly 4,500 children suggests.

University of Utah reorganizes their Department of Public Safety

Since joining the University of Utah as the inaugural Chief Safety Officer (CSO) in February 2020, Marlon Lynch has reorganized the structure of the Department of Public Safety. The changes, which include the addition of new leadership throughout the organization and the elevation and growth of existing divisions, increases capacity, improves accountability and better meets the needs of the U community.

What a sports fan should know about the coronavirus

I miss sports dearly. Don’t you? And not just the games. I hadn’t realized how sports filled in the little gaps in my days. I’d turn on a game while writing, or use a game as an excuse to connect with friends and family. I’d just idly think about some player’s statistical anomalies as I fell asleep. All of that was gone.

Robert Gehrke: Utah’s hospitals can’t handle another holiday coronavirus surge

As the Continental Congress met to declare independence from Great Britain, nearby Boston was gripped with a lethal smallpox epidemic.

Utah defensive coordinator Morgan Scalley reinstated after investigation into 2013 text, but he faces penalties

Utah athletic director Mark Harlan said a few opening words, head coach Kyle Whittingham said a few more, and then, after a tumultuous month for Whittingham’s program, it was defensive coordinator Morgan Scalley’s turn to speak Wednesday afternoon.