News Clips for July 19, 2019

Increasing the Odds of Synthetic Chemistry Success

Chemistry is more than just mixing compound A with compound B to make compound C. There are catalysts that affect the reaction rate, as well as the physical conditions of the reaction and any intermediate steps that lead to the final product. If you're trying to make a new chemical process for, say, pharmaceutical or materials research, you need to find the best of each of these variables. It's a time-consuming trial-and-error process. Or, at least, it was. Also in AZO Materials,, Science Codex.

Power to parents

A new policy memo released this week involving University of Utah and other researchers contends that educational systems need new strategies to meaningfully engage families and communities.

'An iconic event': Inside the 50 years of the Deseret News Marathon

Early in the morning on July 24, hundreds of long-distance runners will gather at the top of Big Mountain, above Salt Lake County’s Emigration Canyon.

Police: Woman critically injured after colliding with U. police vehicle responding to theft case

A woman was critically injured after her bicycle collided with a University of Utah Police squad car Thursday night, police said. U. police responded to a report that two bicycles were stolen at the Marriott Library on campus about 9:30 p.m., according to Salt Lake Police Lt. Carlos Valencia. A witness told police they saw two people take the bikes.