News Clips for July 18, 2019

Utah’s Huntsman Center turns 50. What’s next for it?

In the summer of 1969, Utah basketball player Mike Newlin persuaded construction workers to let him hammer a wooden plank into place on the free-throw line in front of the home team’s bench. When the Utes staged their first game in the Special Events Center in December, Newlin practically lived at that spot.

Yellowstone Supervolcano Not Overdue For An Eruption But It Will Definitely Erupt

The massive Yellowstone supervolcano, whose eruption might one day end all life on Earth, isn’t overdue for its next “scheduled” eruption but it will definitely explode with a violence not seen in 640,000 years. And when it does, humans will be among the first species to go extinct during the planet-killing Armageddon.

Update on the FORGE geothermal research project in Utah, U.S.

In this fourth installment of the FORGE video series, the Utah Governor’s Office of Energy Development looks at all that has occurred since the U.S. Department of Energy’s historic announcement that the University of Utah would be awarded up to $140 million to advance next generation geothermal energy systems.

Say Hello to Dog Facial Recognition Technology

Should you worry about your pet’s privacy, yours, or both?

Car Shopping, Handbags And Wealthy Uncles: The Quest To Explain High Drug Prices

High drug prices are a hot topic in politics right now. President Trump has made lowering them a cornerstone of his re-election bid and is pushing a variety of ideas to get that done.

Bipartisan bill would set framework for income-share agreements

Some 30 colleges offer or accept ISAs, including the University of Utah, Purdue University and Colorado Mountain College. They tend to view ISAs as a gap financing tool with an eye toward access and equity, covering costs unmet by the combination of federal loans, scholarships and grants, observers told Education Dive last month.

Utah reps split along party lines on resolution condemning the president

Mostly along party lines, the U.S. House passed a resolution condemning President Trump over comments he made directed at four minority congresswoman. A local professor says it won’t go anywhere from here and it highlights a deep problem in Washington.

Is Sanpete Cosmopolitan?

As of 2017, the latest figures I was able to find, Utah had about 60,000 refugees living here, according a University of Utah report. I would say that’s a pretty high number for little old Utah.