News Clips for July 17, 2020

An innovative method of scientists revealed the dynamic structure of HIV

Viruses invade body cells like invisible armies, and each type has its own attack strategy. But scientists are trying to resist. Many use electron microscopy, an instrument that can “see” what individual molecules in the virus do. However, even the most sophisticated technology requires the sample to be frozen and immobilized in order to obtain the highest resolution.

Governor Herbert and Dr. Angela Dunn speak on Utah’s coronavirus situation

Governor Herbert and Dr. Angela Dunn updated the State’s coronavirus situation. Dr. Tom Miller, chief medical officer, University of Utah Health, and Lexi Cunningham, director, Utah State Superintendents Association spoke for additional support of the state’s current pandemic situation.

The Marriott Library on the U of U campus begins phased reopening August 3

The J. Willard Marriott Library on the University of Utah campus will begin a phased reopening on August 3.

Dave & Dujanovic: What will dorm life at the U of U be like this fall?

Dorm life on a college campus once meant crowded spaces with students crammed in and sharing a community bathroom. It meant working out packed next to each other inside a sweaty gym and cooking, dining together in a kitchen. Not anymore. So what will dorm life be like during a global pandemic?

Researchers: The 'Big One' could feel even bigger

The next large earthquake to hit along the Wasatch Front could cause more damage than first thought. After studying the 5.7 magnitude Magna earthquake, researchers believe the so-called “Big One” could feel bigger because it could be miles closer to the earth’s surface.

Revenge of the Red States

The coronavirus is ravaging states in what was Trump country–and the president is losing support.

In his bid for Salt Lake County mayor, Trent Staggs pitches air pollution plan

It’s peak ozone season on the Wasatch Front, and Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs has released his solutions for Salt Lake County’s air pollution.