News Clips for July 17, 2019

Gut bacteria found to help protect brain and central nervous system from harmful viruses

A compelling new study has described a novel association between viral infections, neurodegenerative disease, the gut microbiome, and our immune system. The research suggests gut bacteria disruptions can allow harmful viruses to trigger neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

How you can make your own art at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts

There's a new exhibit at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts at the University of Utah. It's called 'Power Couples: The Pendant Format in Art'. The show features works of art meant to hang in pairs; they're called 'pendants'. This was a popular format for artists, and so you'll see a variety of different kinds of art from across cultures and time periods. There's everything from traditional European portraits to fun contemporary interpretations to works by Utah artists. But they all have one thing in common: the artists put two separate works together to tell a story.

Controversial Police Chief Steps Down

Almost nine months after a murder on the University of Utah campus, its police chief is stepping down amid accusations his department disregarded repeated reports that could have saved the slain student.

Could Altitude Partially Explain Suicide And Mental Health Issues In The Mountain West?

The Mountain West has disproportionately high rates of depressive disorders and suicide. Researchers are trying to find out why. Turns out, the mountains themselves might have something to do with it.

How to Protect Your DNA for Big Health Benefits

You might think that stress affects you only emotionally or that a lack of sleep simply leaves you feeling cranky. But these are among the many lifestyle factors that can lead to health problems because of changes that they cause within your body's cells.

Deadly officer-involved shooting puts spotlight on police Crisis Intervention teams

The Salt Lake City Police Department handles 3000 mental health calls a year. That’s over 8 per day. Only a small percentage of those turn deadly like the one that happened Monday at the Sunrise Metro Apartments.

Teachers across the nation come to learn history

Seventy-two high-school history teachers from across the nation gained insight into westward expansion by visiting Franklin County this summer. They were participants of a program created by Paul Reeve and Bob Goldberg, history professors at University of Utah, and funded by a landmark grant from the National Endowment of Humanities.

‘Foodstruction’ food drive benefits Utah Food Bank

Four local companies are competing and helping out the Utah Food Bank at the same time. The ‘Foodstruction’ food drive is being put on by the Salt Lake County Health Department and has teams from Real Salt Lake, SelectHealth, Steward Health Choice Utah and University of Utah Health Plans competing to see who’s food display is best.