News Clips for July 17, 2018

A tool once used for doctors to track illnesses can now be used by the general public. You can find out what ailments are especially bad and where. "One of the ways we know what's circulating in our community in Utah is an application called GermWatch."

Wildfires are making extreme air pollution even worse in the northwest U.S.

America’s air is getting cleaner — except in places that are prone to wildfires.

Cramps or Cancer: Elevated Menstrual Pain May be Associated with Ovarian Cancer Risk

Researchers reviewed the cases of more than 20,000 women – some who went on to develop ovarian cancer, and some who didn’t – and found that there was a small, but statistically significant increase in ovarian cancer incidence in women who reported having severe menstrual pain.

How To Stop Ice? New Research Re-imagines Anti-Freeze In Nature

It is fortunate that scientists discovered anti-freeze proteins (AFPs). Otherwise, the way in which insects survive freezing conditions would be an impenetrable mystery to us. Insects lack things such as hair, fur or blubber, therefore, making it impossible for them to live in cold climates without AFPs. These proteins have evolved to prevent lethal ice crystals forming within insect bodies.