News Clips for July 16, 2019

New exhibit at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts showcases paired art pieces that are meant to be shown together

Every picture tells a story—and, sometimes, two pictures put together tell a different story. That’s the idea behind a new exhibition at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, “Power Couples: The Pendant Format in Art,” which looks at paired artworks from the 1500s to today.

A Georgia O’Keeffe painting and other works from the Smithsonian will visit Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Three classic paintings from the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s collection— including a Georgia O’Keeffe skyline of New York and a Thomas Moran landscape of Utah’s Kanab Canyon—will be displayed starting this fall at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts.

How the Epstein fortune may be up for grabs

Prosecutors, victims and his own defense lawyers would compete for the mogul’s wealth, which may be far less than publicly claimed, experts say.

U of U researchers using genealogical data in search for diabetic kidney disease cure

Utah's wealth of family history information has become a useful tool to researchers at the University of Utah studying ways to combat diabetic kidney disease.

This 5-Minute Bodyweight Workout Will Get You Fit Fast

You make your best effort to pick up the kettlebells or go for a run as often as you can, but there are those days (or, let’s face it, weeks), when you can barely make it home in time for dinner, let alone heading out to a workout class. The thing is, your body doesn’t care where you sweat. And to a certain extent, it doesn’t care how long you sweat for.

When is Arctic ice like a magnet?

A model that simulates magnets can also reproduce pools of water on Arctic sea ice from just one real-world measurement. Researchers in the US and UK adapted the Ising statistical model of phase transitions in ferromagnets to recreate melt-pond patterns. Characterizing the distribution of meltwater at small scales could improve climate models and predict ice loss better.

Geologists of Jackson Hole

“The Anatomy Of Yellowstone Hydrothermal Systems and Their Related Hazards,” presented by Bob Smith of the University of Utah. The University of Utah has conducted detailed seismic, GPS and geologic studies of the plumbing anatomy of Upper Geyser Basin and Old Faithful the world renown and iconic geyser of Yellowstone in order to determine its 4D structure and dynamic eruption properties.

Scientist believes she’s found the recipe for ancient Roman concrete used 2,000 years ago

The concrete of ancient Rome was stronger, longer lasting, and more environmentally friendly than the mix we use today.

“Can the human soul be a scientific concept?”

I have to admit that I was intrigued to see this item, and that I’m very curious to find out more about what the speaker will be saying: “Can the human soul be a scientific concept? 
One ivy league neuroscientist says, “Yes!”” He seems to be taking a rather daring and unfashionable position, and I’m eager to see what the reaction to his thesis will be.

Could 5-HTP be the Natural Anxiety Treatment that works for you?

If you’re one of the 16 plus million people in the UK who will experience symptoms of depression, anxiety or panic attacks each year, then chances are you’ve heard of 5-HTP (5 HydroxyTryptoPhan).

3 health systems that have changed, suspended debt-collection practices

Several U.S. health systems have suspended or made changes to their debt-collection practices after media coverage of the issue. In Tennessee, Memphis-based Methodist Le Bonheur Health suspended debt-collection lawsuits after an investigation by MLK50 and ProPublica. The investigation found that the system filed more than 8,300 lawsuits against patients from 2014 through 2018.

AI Drug Hunters Could Give Big Pharma a Run for Its Money

Alphabet’s DeepMind cracked a problem that long vexed biologists, heating up a technological arms race in health care