News Clips for July 15, 2020

Luke Duncan: Those objecting to Utah nickname don’t speak for Ute Tribe

Last month, The Salt Lake Tribune ran a commentary titled, “Time for the U. to Give up its Native American Nickname.” The author, a University of Utah employee named Christopher Mead, argued that the University of Utah needs to stop using the name “Running Utes.”

How many fans can Rice-Eccles Stadium host for Utah football? The answer isn’t so easy

The possibility of a college football season happening at any point during the upcoming academic year, let alone in the fall, appears to be fading with each passing day.

Inside academia’s growing interest in ‘Animal Crossing’

Throughout the spring semester, many of Dr. Ashley Brown’s students started asking her the same, peculiar question: “What are your turnip prices?”


Charleston Animal Society teaming up with Petco Foundation to launch facial recognition software for pets.

Utah hospital chief warns of 'unsustainable' rise in new coronavirus cases

Dr. Thomas Miller, Chief Medical Officer at University of Utah Hospital weighs in on the rise in coronavirus cases in his state.

Utah colleges relieved Trump administration reversed visa directive that threatened international students

Utah universities and their international students grappling with uncertainty about fall semester found relief Tuesday with the reversal of a Trump administration policy that would have forced some out of the country if classes are conducted only online.

From Campus to Commerce - NAI's Latest Video Features LED Technology Pioneer

From cell phone screens to jumbotrons, the newest discovery video from The National Academy of Inventors (NAI) reveals the mastermind behind much of the LED-based technology that we use in our every-day devices.

HERO Project Study Digs Deeper Into COVID-19 Spread In Utah

As the numbers from clinical testing in Utah continue to show the dangerous spread COVID-19, a large scale project is honing in on the true rate of infection. The Utah HERO Project, launched through the University of Utah in early May, provides a clearer picture of the prevalence of the virus through randomized testing.

College campuses, coronavirus and fear of the unknown

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in February, college closures were a bellwether. The stages of institutions’ reactions—first, moving classes online as a temporary measure, then shifting to remote learning and sending students away from campus—were some of the most visible examples of a national process of social distancing and shuttering shared spaces.

Utah officials providing COVID-19 update in Spanish-language news conference

Utah officials are expected to provide a COVID-19 update in a Spanish-language news conference Wednesday. The event is scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m. and will be livestreamed here. An English-language translation will also be provided.

The Science Of Cannabis And CBD With Four Leading Experts

While there is mounting anecdotal evidence on the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and CBD, including their anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic effects, we still don’t fully understand the underlying biological mechanisms leading to their efficacy, or why they can be effective for some people, but not for others.