News Clips for July 14, 2020

Where does the University of Utah stand with the Ute Indian Tribe in use of school’s nickname?

Nearly 50-year relationship has been mutually beneficial school and tribal officials say.

Local Native Americans react to Washington Redskins' name change

Native American leaders in Utah are reacting to the announcement that the Washington Redskins will be dropping the controversial team name.

Now an arts and tourism haven, Helper is struggling from the pandemic

When coal mining went bust, Helper made a bet on arts and tourism. Now the pandemic has made those industries fizzle, too, with beloved cultural events canceled and travelers keeping their distance.

Utah schools join amicus brief denouncing rule change for international students

Three schools in Utah have joined nearly 200 other colleges and universities across the nation in an amicus brief that supports Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in their legal complaint against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Study finds positive outcomes associated with universal screening and referrals for social needs in emergency rooms

Findings in a recent University of Utah preliminary study suggest that there might be positive outcomes associated with implementing universal screening and referrals for social needs in emergency rooms.

COVID-19 test demand increases wait times

Roughly 5,500 Utahns are being tested for COVID-19 each day, up significantly since the spring. The increase in demand is straining testing sites and, in some cases, making people wait longer to find out if they have the virus or not.

Multipronged Strategies Boost Compliance

In 2012, avoidable U.S. health care costs related to inefficient or inappropriate medication use amounted to a staggering $475 billion, according Doug Long, MBA, the vice president of industry relations at IQVIA, the global health information company.

How Systemic Racism Is Embedded in Property Taxes

For some Americans, understanding systematic racism is now a top priority. Sociology scholars explain that racism does not simply entail harboring ill feelings toward people of different races, but also the structural ways the American cultural and political system have disadvantaged Black people for centuries.

As some states see glimmer of hope, Utah's in the thick of a coronavirus surge

As Utah's coronavirus cases and death toll continue to rise at alarming rates, Intermountain Healthcare, again, showed how face covering and social distancing protocols can help flatten the curve.

Why follow-up appointments for children hospitalized for bronchiolitis may not be needed

A new study at Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City has found that follow-up appointments for hospitalized children treated for childhood bronchiolitis are often not necessary and that switching from mandatory to “as-needed” follow-up care can save families from unnecessary medical care and expense – and may help guide treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rising demand for COVID-19 testing in Utah leading to a different type of shortage—health care workers

As Utah’s cases of the novel coronavirus continue to surge, health care workers are battling both a large increase in demand for testing and rising temperatures.

The Delicacy of Arches

Living in Geologic Time: How long will Utah’s arches grace the red rock desert?