News Clips for July 13-15, 2019

Natural History Museum of Utah celebrates summer with food festival

Barbecue, ice cream, salsa and desserts from more than a dozen Utah food producers will be available for purchase during the Taste of Summer artisan market at the Natural History Museum of Utah.

The tyranny of lawns and landlords

Renting culture puts dreams of cultivating wildness out of reach.

Don’t Penalize Private Prisons for Scourge of Mass Incarceration

At the end of July, 20 Democratic presidential hopefuls will once again jockey to prove their progressive bona fides. And if past is prologue, candidates such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) will once again be bizarrely fixated on private prisons and detention centers at the border. These for-profit facilities have been a target for plenty left-of-center candidates, despite public prisons vastly outnumbering private ones (and documeted abuses at public facilities).

Constipation Management: Lecture-Based Constipation Review App

The new Constipation Management app from the University of Utah Health aims to provide an “all you need to know” approach to the topic.

Economics in Brief: Teachers Sue Government Over ‘Broken’ Loan Forgiveness Program

The premise was simple: Pay your student loans for 10 years and work as a teacher, librarian, firefighter or other qualifying public service job. At the end of those 10 years, the federal government would forgive the remainder of your loan balance.

6 University of Utah researchers named Huntsman Presidential Chairs

Six University of Utah researchers have joined the ranks of Jon M. Huntsman Presidential Chairs, according to a joint announcement from the U. and the Huntsman Foundation.

10 Ways To Tell What Your Baby Will Look Like Before You Even Give Birth

When I was pregnant with my first child, I (like virtually every single mom-to-be on the planet) wondered what my baby would look like. Would he have my blue eyes, or his dad’s thick black hair? Would he be tall like my father, or (gasp) teeny tiny like my 4-foot-8-inch (on a good day) mother-in-law? I rubbed my belly and I wondered if there were ways to tell what my baby would look before he was even born. (But not-so-secretly, I really wanted him to have blue eyes.)

Beethoven Festival fills a weekend with chamber music

The Park City Beethoven Festival will be in full swing as a group of world-renowned musicians perform three concerts this weekend.

Turning plastic bags into beds for Utah’s homeless

With the hot summer weather, most of us aren’t thinking about keeping warm this winter — but a local nonprofit is hard at work to help keep the local homeless population warm during the upcoming winter months. Bags to Beds was started by Kaitlin McLean as a University of Utah student in 2017.

U. announces new associate vice president for faculty

A University of Utah professor has been tapped to serve as associate vice president for faculty. Sarah Projansky, who holds joint appointments as a professor of film and media arts and gender studies and is an adjunct professor of communication, will take over the position on Aug. 1.

University of Utah students make chip that converts heat into energy

Engineers at the University of Utah now have a way to turn wasted heat from things like cell phones and laptops into energy. Associate Engineering Professor, Mathieu Francoeur, says this started as an idea during his Ph.D. studies in 2005. Francoeur then pitched a proposal to the National Science Foundation and received funding for it in 2013. Since then, a team of students has been working on turning his theory into something that can one day help us all.

Utah fund is helping to save millions by providing intense physical therapy soon after traumatic injury

University of Utah Health Care serves adults at its outpatient clinic in Sugar House, and is also a contracted provider for patients selected for help from the state rehabilitation fund.

Gregory A. Clark: The apology the U. owes the McCluskey family

Please allow me to say publicly what I expect many of us feel, but what the University of Utah administration too often has been too slow or unwilling to say clearly and unambiguously: I’m sorry.