News Clips for July 11, 2018

Univ. of Utah professor competes in ‘American Ninja Warrior’

A college professor, a promise to his students, and a hit TV show. Those three things collided for one Utah man Monday night.

Cheap, Portable Sensors Are Democratizing Air-Quality Data

A new generation of air-quality sensors is making it easier for citizen groups and residents to monitor the air around them.

One Gene Makes Me Painfully Sensitive to Rejection. Now What? | KQED

Fifteen to 20 percent of the population carry the gene that causes acute emotional pain in response to social rejection. Will a genetic test to reveal the gene offer validation or hopelessness?

Birds get through THIS many million tons worth of insects each year

THE incredible appetite of the planet’s insect-eating birds has been calculated.

Moose Wanders Around University Of Utah Campus

A moose has been released into the Utah wildness after spending several hours wandering around the University of Utah campus.University library…

Why some people get dizzy when hearing certain sounds

Researchers have discovered why certain people experience dizziness when they hear a particular sound, such as a musical tone. For patients with semicircular canal dehiscence, there is a pathological hole in the bone that the inner ear is encased in, and certain acoustic tones cause the inner ear fluid to pump. As a result, the ear sends an incorrect signal to the brain, causing dizziness and vertigo.