News Clips for July 10, 2018

Physicists uncover why nanomaterial loses superconductivity

Physicists have discovered that superconducting nanowires made of MoGe alloy undergo quantum phase transitions from a superconducting to a normal metal state when placed in an increasing magnetic field at low temperatures.

Supermarkets Deploy Sausage Stations, Dad Jokes to Lure Male Shoppers

As more men do the household food shopping, grocery stores roll out guy-friendly amenities and rewards like beer dens, butchery classes, gasoline discounts and dad-humor signage.

Natural Antifreeze Keeps Beetles Unfrozen

Without an insulating coat of fat or fur, what’s an insect to do to survive cold winters? Some insects, like the mealworm beetle, are blessed with antifreeze proteins that keep them from freezing from the inside out.

American women are putting off childbirth

American women are putting off becoming mothers longer compared to women in the past. Consequently, they're also having fewer children.

Moose spends hours wandering University of Utah campus

A moose has been released into the Utah wildness after spending several hours wandering around the University of Utah campus.

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