News Clips for July 10-13, 2020

Commentary: Say no to the international student ban

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) recently released new rules that will force international students to leave the country if they are enrolled in online-only courses in the fall semester. This is a cruel and short-sighted rule that would have a devastating impact on the lives of these students, university faculty, university systems and our economy as a whole.

In Major Win for Indigenous Rights, Supreme Court Rules Much of Eastern Oklahoma Is Still a Reservation

Much of Eastern Oklahoma, including most of Tulsa, remains an Indian reservation, the Supreme Court ruled on Thursday. The 5-4 decision, which The New York Times said was possibly the biggest legal victory for Indigenous Americans in decades, affirmed that lands granted to the Muscogee (Creek) Nation by Congress in the 19th century remained theirs after Oklahoma became a state.

'We're headed for a disaster' if COVID-19 situation doesn’t improve, Utah health experts warn

A storm is brewing and the hurricane flags are up. That’s at least how Intermountain Healthcare’s chief physician executive, Dr. Mark Briesacher, would describe the state of Utah’s COVID-19 situation. As of this week, many hospitals across Utah are close to normal capacity with some hospitals inching closer to peak efficient capacity.

Know thy enemy: Biotech startup joins fight against COVID-19 with cutting-edge genetic testing

A biotech company with a big Utah footprint is among the leading innovators of a cutting-edge technology for assessing the genetic footprint of pathogens like COVID-19. And the tool could become the new frontline defender when, inevitably, a mutated version of SARS-CoV-2 evolves or another pandemic-potential superbug arises.

What We Learn When Humans Race Against Horses

The hotter it is, the closer we come to the ever elusive goal of besting the horse—which supports the evolutionary "born to run" hypothesis.

It’s official: Utah-BYU game is out as Pac-12 cancels this season’s nonconference football games

In a teleconference with beat writers Friday morning, Utah athletic director Mark Harlan noted that things might be imminent when it comes to a Pac-12 decision on conference-only scheduling this fall.

Former tribal chairman responds to calls to change sports mascots

The national discourse about statues, offensive terminology, and team mascots reaches deep. All the way down to high school sports teams, like the Bountiful High School Braves.

Electronic Health Records Fail to Detect Many Medication Errors

David C. Classen, M.D., from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, and colleagues used data from the National Quality Forum Health IT Safety Measure EHR computerized physician order entry safety test administered by the Leapfrog Group (2009 to 2018) to assess EHR safety performance in U.S. adult hospitals.

What 'capacity' means for Utah hospitals and how they’re trying to stay ahead of coronavirus uptick

Utah’s rise in COVID-19 cases has continued for well over a month now, and with it the number of hospitalizations from the coronavirus has increased, as well.

160 Journalists, Academics Rebuke Harper’s Letter on Cancel Culture: ‘They Miss the Point’

More than 160 journalists and academics on Friday rebuked an open letter published in Harper’s this week about the “intolerance of opposing views” for failing to recognize those who have been “silenced for generations” and said the critics of cancel culture “miss the point.”

The ax falls: Utah slashes its athletics budget by $8 million, Kyle Whittingham and Larry Krystkowiak take pay cuts

Like so many of its Power Five and college athletics brethren, the University of Utah athletic department is readying to experience some financial belt tightening in the new fiscal year.

How Colleges And Students Are Battling ICE’s New Crackdown On Foreign Students

Professors, too, have taken to social media to offer in-person independent study courses for international students in need, with faculty at USC, UC Irvine, Columbia, Syracuse, The New School, University of Utah, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Arizona, Georgia State, Penn State and more pledging their services.

Summer Ant Sightings Could Spell Trouble—How To Stave Off an Infestation

That lone ant roaming the kitchen counter may not seem like a big deal. Maybe it's even kind of cute. But think again.

Semen Analysis Market Share is Thriving Worldwide By Size, Revenue, Emerging Trends and Top Growing Companies 2026

Semen analysis is a test performed to check health, quality, and viability of sperms. It is performed by couples unable to conceive naturally or in animal research and breeding centers.

Study shows black homeowners pay higher property taxes

A new analysis from economists Troup Howard of the University of Utah and Carlos Avenancio-Leon of Indiana University has found that black households on average pay 13% more in property taxes every year than white households with similar finances.

Could Jon Huntsman Jr. become a write-in candidate for governor?

Former Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. could still be a candidate for governor this fall even though he just lost the state’s GOP primary election to Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox in a close race, if an attempt to get him to run as a write-in candidate succeeds.