News Clips for January 9-11, 2021

Pandemic stress: The toll it’s taking on students

Students describe the challenges of online classes, lost opportunities, and more.

News Analysis: Romney’s speech calling out GOP was the culmination of years of warning about Trump

Sen. Mitt Romney was visibly angry. Hours earlier on Wednesday, the Capitol had been breached by violent supporters of President Trump.

Can Twitter Legally Bar Trump? The First Amendment Says Yes

There are reasons to question the wisdom of recent actions by Twitter in barring President Trump from its site and Simon & Schuster in canceling the publication of Senator Josh Hawley’s book. But the First Amendment is on their side.

To play or not to play: How parents should approach sports during COVID-19’s winter season

In December the American Academy of Pediatrics released a report advising families on how to deal with youth sports during the indoor, cold months of the pandemic.

What Joe Biden and Democrats can and can’t do with control of Congress

President Joe Biden will have both houses of Congress in his corner — by some of the narrowest margins in history — but that is not a free pass, experts say.

Weber County change could bolster affordable housing options, boosters say

Weber County commissioners have approved a change meant to help bolster affordable housing options in the county. The measure allowing for more accessory dwelling units — including basement mother-in-law apartments or small secondary dwellings detached from homes — comes amid debate along the Wasatch Front about the scarcity of affordable housing.

A look into Utah's musical connection to Disney Pixar's 'Soul'

If you watch Disney Pixar's new movie "Soul," which follows the story of a Black jazz musician and teacher, you will hear Snow College director of Jazz Studies Phil Kuehn on the bass.

Businesses look ahead to 2021 season

As 2021 begins amid a still-raging pandemic and record unemployment, both business owners and government officials expressed cautious optimism for the coming year. “I really feel that we’re going to see a positive flow of visitation,” said Elaine Gizler, the director of the Moab Area Travel Council. “I think people feel somewhat secure coming out into a rural area, such as ours.”

Will vaccines stop the new coronavirus strains? Here's what scientists say.

Even as scientists around the world are closely monitoring the spread of a new, more infectious variant of the novel coronavirus, they have spotted a brand-new, potentially more worrisome mutation—one that could have a far greater impact on the abilities of vaccines to protect people from infection.

IN FOCUS Discussion: U.S. Capitol’s Security Breach

The violent and destructive riots at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday left Americans feeling a wide variety of emotions. Two days after the security breach that left five people dead, including one police officer, the country is still grappling with how these events unfolded and its implications about the underlying problems that still exist.

What is a ‘Banana Republic’ and are we even using the term correctly?

Those paying close attention to the news this week may have come across the political term “Banana Republic” more than once in regards to the violence that erupted at the nation’s Capitol Building. No, we’re not referring to the popular clothing store or a country that thrives off of banana exports, though both play a role in the term’s turbulent history.