News Clips for January 27, 2021

Utah leads the world in ‘dark sky’ spots. Here’s three new ones.

Visit one of these state parks on a cloudless night for some prime stargazing — no telescope required.

President Biden Is Expected To Suspend Oil And Gas Leasing. How Would That Affect Utah?

President Joe Biden’s administration is expected to announce an extended moratorium on oil and gas leasing Wednesday, according to the Associated Press, in order to study its effect on climate change.

Vaccine 2.0: Moderna and other companies plan tweaks that would protect against new coronavirus mutations

News from U.S. manufacturer Moderna that its COVID-19 vaccine is still “expected to be protective” against a virus variant first detected in South Africa came as a relief to scientists and the public.

Here’s the timeline for replacing University of Utah President Ruth Watkins—and more on her departure

There likely won’t be a permanent leader in the position until 2022.

Joe Biden is already facing an ally problem

Alliances are the keystone of President Joe Biden’s foreign policy agenda. Whether confronting China, curbing the coronavirus pandemic, or addressing climate change, Biden has repeatedly emphasized the critical importance of working with allies to tackle major global challenges.

Can you tell the difference between earthquakes and sonic booms?

Over the past several months, people across Utah have heard loud booms or explosive noises. No need to worry, they are only sonic booms.

Childhood COVID-19 complication study launched; Utah reports 1,411 new cases, 17 deaths

Biden administration announces increase in federal vaccine purchases.

Mental Health Dangers for the Front Lines During COVID-19

Since the first wave of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic began in the United States in late winter and early spring last year, health care workers and first responders have reported extreme amounts of stress.

Utah COVID-19 models show promising downward trends

For the first time in months, Utah is beginning to see COVID-19 case counts trend downward. It’s a good sign for the state, but one experts say they didn’t necessarily anticipate.

Are two masks better than one?

Experts say viruses constantly change through mutation. But now the question is being asked, “Does double-masking make a difference?” as more is known about masking and new variations are discovered.