News Clips for January 26, 2021

Experts Express Concerns Over Mental Health Of Some Kids In The Pandemic

A year into this pandemic, it's clear that the disease has led to more than a physical health crisis and an economic crisis. It's also led to a mental health crisis, especially for young people.

Utah’s Primary Children’s Hospital will help lead 5-year study of a mystery illness that strikes children who get COVID-19

Primary has seen more than 50 cases of MIS-C in children after they fought the coronavirus.

Utah gun rights advocates believe a Biden administration will have bad impact on 2nd Amendment

Firearms sales across the county have soared since Joe Biden won the presidential election. Some gun rights advocates in Utah are explaining why they believe the Biden administration poses a threat to their right to own certain firearms, and why they don’t believe there will be any real discussion on the matter.

Explore the Top 20 Best Online MBA Programs

Online MBA programs can make it easier for students with a busy schedule to earn business degrees from the comfort of their own home. U.S. News ranks master's in business administration programs separately from graduate business degrees in other specialties such as finance and marketing.

Lawmaker again seeks stricter ban on cellphones while driving

Rep. Carol Moss says even though the bill failed last year, debate over it saved lives.

Amine might end palladium’s reign over classic cross coupling reaction

In what experts have called an unexpected discovery, chemists have found that a simple organic molecule catalyses a classic cross coupling – a reaction type that has long been the domain of transition metal catalysts, in particular palladium.

University of Utah spent $95M to fund athletics in 2019-20 school year

Utah athletic department finished in the black for at least the seventh straight fiscal year, but budget covers only early months of the pandemic.

Most COVID-19 maps fail to improve public understanding of pandemic

Since COVID-19 first arose as a worldwide health threat, millions of websites with maps charting the spread and prevalence of the virus have appeared on the internet.

Why Even Presidential Pressure Might Not Get More Vaccine to Market Faster

Americans are dying of covid-19 by the thousands, but efforts to ramp up production of potentially lifesaving vaccines are hitting a brick wall.

How is the pandemic impacting downtown SLC's building boom?

It may be the middle of winter, but construction season in downtown Salt Lake City could not be hotter.