News Clips for January 16-19, 2021

Despite being virtual, U of U says MLK week's message is just as important

Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the start of the 37th Annual MLK Week at the University of Utah.

Virtual reality simulations are creating better surgeons

Atwenty-something woman in scrubs stands alone and articulates her hands in terse, repetitive motions. An insectile headset covers her upper face; her hand clutches a controller. Though her gesticulations suggest kinship with the local psychiatric ward or rehab facility, she’s actually a medical student performing a complex surgery—virtually.

Two United States–Greenland Collaborations Get US State Department Funding

The State Department has allocated $3 million for the projects, which both launched in fall/winter 2020. One of the projects will be run by the Mining and Petroleum Training Service (MAPTS) program at The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) together with the University of Utah.

Broken New Year's Resolutions Already? It's OK To Give Yourself A Break

It's mid-January, and maybe you've resolved to lose 20 pounds this year, exercise every day, or quit drinking. And — so far — you have failed. So you give up. Sound familiar?

With Parler ban, Utah police and others may have lost a window into planned protests

The move also may have helped blunt the demonstrations, experts say.

Utah Colleges Looking To Improve Campus Safety, Taking Cues From The U

Nationally, 1 in 4 women experience some sort of sexual-related violence during their college careers. It’s a statistic that’s actually gotten worse since the late 1950s, when one of the first documented studies of sexual violence on college campuses found that 1 in 5 women experienced sexual violence of some kind.

The Best Mask to Protect You From the U.K. COVID Strain, Doctor Says

When news of a new variant of the coronavirus discovered in the U.K. broke in December, medical experts began warning about its contagiousness, which is 50 percent higher than the current dominant strain in the U.S.

COVID-19 eviscerated the global price of oil, inflicting pain on Utah

A new report details the devastation the COVID-19 pandemic inflicted on the oil and gas industry in Utah and around the globe, with the magnitude of the shock on energy demand predicted to be the worst in the seven decades since World War II.

It’s high time for Salt Lake City. Here’s how the skyline will rise in 2021.

Three more skyscrapers will be visible, and plans call for a 39-story tower that will top them all, including the LDS Church Office Building (and there’s no law against that).

LDS Church condemns ‘violence and lawless behavior,’ urges all to honor ‘democratic institutions’

Don’t put politics before Christ, top leaders tell Latter-day Saints.