News Clips for Jan. 4, 2019

Utah researchers say study is breakthrough for examining low-functioning autistic youth

Researchers say a newly published study authored by experts at BYU and University of Utah represents a breakthrough in how to more adequately examine the brain activity of autistic youth who have low cognitive abilities.

Big Utah healthcare organizations cautious on medical marijuana

Medical marijuana is legal, but can you get it? Two big Utah health care organizations have now issued statements that seem to stake out—at least for now—a cautious approach on recommending medical marijuana to patients.

Utah rises to no. 5 in nation for science and technology capabilities

Utah moved up three spots, from no. 8 to no. 5, in the Milken Institute's 2018 State Technology and Science Index, a biannual report that measures states’ science and technology capabilities and competitiveness that contribute to high-skills job creation and economic growth.

Cigarette, supplement use impacts sperm quality

Men whose fathers smoked at the time of pregnancy had half as many sperm as men whose fathers did not smoke, according to findings recently published in PLoS One. A second study, in Advances in Nutrition, found certain supplements provided a beneficial effect on sperm.

Utah adopts new pollution control plan, but will it work?

Members of the Utah Air Quality Board greeted the new year Wednesday by voting on a pollution control plan intended to bring areas of the Wasatch Front into compliance with federal clean air standards.

New Clinical Practice Guidelines for Seasonal Influenza

A decade after issuing clinical practice guidelines for influenza, the Infectious Diseases Society of America has issued updated recommendations for health care professionals related to the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and outbreak management of seasonal flu. The reissued guidelines reflect the approval of new antiviral drugs that can reduce the duration and severity of the flu; improvements in flu-testing products; and a new acknowledgement of risk factors that could portend disease severity.

Stable Isotopes Reveal Sources Of Chinese Tap Water

How much do you know about your tap water? Does your tap water come from groundwater or surface water sources? Actually, it is not an easy task to identify the water sources using common chemical and biological methods.