News Clips for Jan. 30, 2019

Suicide risk among people with ASD increases over 20 years in Utah

The risk for death by suicide in people with autism spectrum disorder from Utah —especially females — increased over time and was greater than in those without ASD between 2013 and 2017, according to results from a 20-year population-based study.

U of Utah to offer income share agreements

The University of Utah last week announced it is launching an income-share agreement (ISA) for students in select majors who are close to graduation. Students can receive up to $10,000 per semester in exchange for a portion of their income once they finish college.

Poll: Utah voters split down middle on Trump's job performance

Voters in reliably red Utah are split down the middle when it comes to how they view President Trump's job performance, according to a new poll. The survey from the Salt Lake Tribune and University of Utah found that 49 percent of respondents said they disapproved of Trump’s job performance, with 48 percent saying they approve. The Tribune noted that this is a "statistical tie," taking into account "the poll’s margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points."

Steamboat geyser's explosive year highlights 2018 Yellowstone Caldera Chronicles

The first Steamboat eruption of 2018 occurred on March 15. Following two additional eruptions in April and one on May 4, University of Utah and Yellowstone National Park scientists deployed seismic sensors around the geyser. The instruments recorded data through four eruptions before they were collected on June 4 (immediately following an eruption).

1 big thing: How to make climate policy stick

While America’s political discourse has gotten more partisan in recent years, actual laws passed by Congress have not, according to forthcoming research described to Axios by James Curry, political scientist at University of Utah, and Frances Lee, politics professor at the University of Maryland.