News Clips for Jan. 3, 2019

Utah and the environment 2018: Algal blooms, wildfire smoke and more

State environmental regulators had a busy year in 2018, coordinating a multi-agency response to more than two dozen harmful algal bloom outbreaks in Utah waterways and fielding concerns over persistent wildfire smoke from a severe fire season.

The ethics of pelvic exams performed on anesthetized women without their knowledge

Phoebe Friesen was working with medical students in New York when one approached her with an ethical dilemma. As part of his training, he’d been asked to perform pelvic exams on women who had been anesthetized for other procedures.

Gehrke: Who wields the power in Utah politics? Some familiar faces and some new ones make the 2019 list.

They are Utah’s power brokers, the kingmakers (or queenmakers) and the lever pullers. Some work behind the scenes, but most are out there in the open, making the laws and setting the policies that shaped our year.

Why experts say New Year's resolutions don't work

It’s the time of year for New Year’s resolutions. People are eagerly trying to kick their bad habits and better themselves for the new year. But most resolutions don’t stick.

Gymnastics studio offers two day camp to conquer New Year's fitness resolutions

Texas East Gymnastics is offering a fun way for your kid to get active in the New Year. They’re offering a camp on January 2nd and 3rd to let children explore all of the benefits gymnastics has to offer. Even those without any previous experience are encouraged to sign up. A recent study by the University of Utah found that gymnastics allows people to increase their flexibility and strength while taking part in a lot of social interaction. It also surveyed college gymnasts and found that they had a relatively high GPA compared to non-gymnasts.

'A way cool way to be': Study offers new insights into children with autism

In the first study of its kind, a team of researchers was able to perform functional MRIs of a group of children with autism whose IQs averaged 54. The scans offer a glimpse into what's happening in their brains.

In Days Before Her Murder, Utah Track Star Called Police 6 Times to Report Ex Was Stalking Her

University of Utah student Lauren McCluskey called police six times in the 10 days before her ex-boyfriend killed her, according to recently released reports of police investigations into her murder.