News Clips for Jan. 29, 2019

Beloved Utah Doctor Killed by Boyfriend in Murder-Suicide: She 'Connect[ed] with Her Patients'

Police in Salt Lake City have confirmed that a University of Utah medical resident dedicated to helping underserved people was murdered Sunday by her longtime boyfriend, who then killed himself.

University Of Utah President Decries Hate Groups' Signs

University of Utah leadership is calling on the community to report hate speech after signage from known white nationalism groups was found on campus.

Ancient Rock Arches Sing Songs

It's what you might call very old-school rock music. No, it's not the Rolling Stones — in the deserts of the Southwest it's the rocks themselves that are making timeless ballads. Wander through places like Arches National Park or Grand-Escalante National Monument and you'll find rock arches of all shapes and sizes. Turns out, those ancient wonders aren't static sculptures; they vibrate and shift throughout the day, creating a variety of sounds as they stretch their aging, eroding "bones," moving up and down, twisting and settling, resonating in a manner that's similar to a guitar string.

More and more colleges ditch old-school tuition for innovative income-share agreements

Some colleges and universities are rethinking how students pay tuition. "Income-share agreements” are one such option. Rather than students (or more often their parent as a co-signer) taking out privately funded loans, those who agree to an income-share agreement promise to repay a portion of post-graduation income for a set number of years. In exchange, their college or university will waive all or part of their tuition.