News Clips for Jan. 26-28, 2019

Hate speech signage found at the University of Utah has been removed

A banner and stickers that officials say are linked to hate groups have been removed from the University of Utah campus. In a message titled “Condemning Racism” posted on the U.’s website, President Ruth Watkins said a banner was found on the George S. Eccles Legacy Bridge on Saturday and stickers showed up elsewhere on campus earlier in the week. She said two separate groups labeled as white supremacists by the Anti-Defamation League were responsible. Also covered by Fox13, ABC4, Gephardt Daily

University of Utah teams create video games for 2019 Global Game Jam

Students, faculty members and alumni of the University of Utah's Entertainment Arts & Engineering Department spent the weekend creating video games as part of the 2019 Global Game Jam. Teams had 48 hours to conceptualize, code and program the games for the international competition.

If you wear makeup at work, your female colleagues may think this about you

Women may penalize their female colleagues if they show they have put effort into their appearance, according to new research.

Will Your Sexual Past Impact Your Marital Future?

As 2019 kicks into gear, many of us are looking ahead to all of the great possibilities that await us, especially if getting married or engaged is in the cards this year. But, as all of the great historians will tell you, it’s important to know how we got to where we are today. And that includes a look back at your relationship history—no matter how cringe-worthy it is.

Textual Information and its Impact on Investors

In a recent research project, a team of four accounting professors from Columbia University, London Business School and University of Utah investigated the role of textual information in the ICO process (Bourveau, De George, Ellahie and Macciocchi, 2018).

As Trump digs in heels on wall, Senate rejects two bills to end shutdown. Why that was actually progress

For the thousands of federal workers who haven't seen a paycheck this year, it's tough to see a silver lining to Thursday's vote in the U.S. Senate, where two proposals to reopen the government failed to pass. Also covered in the Salt Lake Tribune.

China’s president presents Utah professor with science award

A University of Utah professor has been presented an international science award from Chinese President Xi Jinping. Jan D. Miller, a professor in the Department of Metallurgical Engineering, received the International Science and Technology Cooperation Award during a ceremony on Jan. 8 in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Utah legislators, advocates hope to build on 2018's push for suicide prevention

Last year the Utah Legislature passed eight bills related to mental health and suicide prevention. This year lawmakers are pushing to do more. Community members, school district representatives and advocacy groups met last week at an event organized by Action Utah to discuss what bills will be presented in the 2019 legislative session to address suicide prevention and what the public can do to help.

Parents of Utah student who was shot dead by her criminal ex-boyfriend after calling police 22 TIMES about him slam university for saying her death could not have been prevented

The parents of a University of Utah student who was killed by her criminal ex-boyfriend after having her dozens of calls to police ignored have spoken out to slam the college's claims that her death was unpreventable.

Student gov promotes Planned Parenthood. Then conservatives push back.

A photo shared online by the University of Utah's student government displayed their president holding a Planned Parenthood sign. The Associated Students of the University of Utah (ASUU) posted a photo on its official Instagram account of the ASUU student body president, Connor Morgan, holding a Planned Parenthood sign at the Women’s March on Utah on Saturday.