News Clips for Jan. 24, 2019

Don’t Fear the Sex Recession

Should we really keep obsessing over how much sex we are or aren’t having? In her December 2018 cover story for The Atlantic warning that Americans—Millennials in particular—are having “so little sex,” senior editor Kate Julian soberly framed the drop as a “sex recession.”

Forget 'Jurassic Park'—see the real thing at the Natural History Museum of Utah's Dinofest 2019

Although dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 million years, there is still much we don't know about these prehistoric creatures. But the one thing paleontologists do know is where to look.

Milky Way's neighbors pick up the pace

After slowly forming stars for the first few billion years of their lives, the Magellanic Clouds, near neighbors of our own Milky Way galaxy, have upped their game and are now forming new stars at a fast clip. This new insight into the history of the Clouds comes from the first detailed chemical maps made of galaxies beyond the Milky Way.

U of U launches financing program to help students finish their degrees

The University of Utah announced Wednesday that it is launching a program to help students pay education-related costs to help them complete their degrees. Also published by ABC4.

Could you afford to buy in your own neighborhood today? For many homeowners on the Wasatch Front, the answer would be no.

Utah’s ongoing housing affordability crunch isn’t just squeezing renters and first-time homebuyers but it also has impacts on existing homeowners still paying off their mortgages, a new analysis suggests.

Provo-Orem tops nation in new Best Performing Cities report

A new national report released Thursday cites Utah's pro-growth calling cards — namely "a dynamic high-tech sector, educated workforce and business-friendly tax and regulatory climate" — as the factors behind the Provo-Orem area earning the No. 1 ranking among the nation's best performing metros.

The latest local foodie news

Interested in cultivating a garden without the benefit of a yard? You'll want to check out the University of Utah's Edible Campus Gardens and its Hydroponics Winter Workshop on Tuesday, Jan. 29, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Multiple Warnings, No Action

University of Utah student told campus police officers multiple times she was worried about repeated, harassing text messages from ex-boyfriend. They did little to help her, and he murdered her, on campus. Experts say the tragedy points to the need for colleges to do more about domestic violence.