News Clips for Jan. 17, 2020

She started climbing trees as a kid. Then this ecologist helped create scientist Barbie.

Nalini Nadkarni didn’t play with Barbies as a girl. She was too busy climbing the maple trees in her front yard in Bethesda, Md. The forest ecologist might seem an unlikely person to help design and promote Barbie dolls. But over the past six months, she has been inspiring girls worldwide to play with dolls that have a magnifying glass and all-terrain boots instead of tiaras and high heels. It’s through new explorer Barbie dolls designed with her input by Mattel and National Geographic.

Seeing the Forest AND the Trees: Predicting Forest Responses to Contrasting Climate Change Influences

As the effects of climate change continue to escalate, their impacts seem especially noticeable and imminent for humans and other animals. But what about for forests and trees?

Utah Stops Distribution of Condoms With Cheeky Slogans

An HIV-awareness campaign featuring condom wrappers with cheeky slogans that put a sexy spin on state pride met a quick end in Utah as the governor ordered the health department to stop distributing them. Utah Gov. Gary Herbert's intervention came hours after the designs became public on Wednesday. Herbert, a Republican, he understands the importance of educating residents about HIV prevention, but he does not approve of using sexual innuendo as part of a taxpayer-funded campaign.