News Clips for February 9, 2021

Achoo! Climate Change Lengthening Pollen Season in U.S., Study Shows

New research suggests that climate change is responsible for longer pollen seasons in the United States and more pollen in the air, as well.

Health workers most at risk for mental health problems during pandemic

We’ve connected via zoom and social media but remain more disconnected than ever before. With everything online and virtual, most of us have noticed a toll taken on our mental health. Some people can deal with this; others struggle and may find their symptoms worsening. But one thing that unites us during this is the fact that our struggle is one that the rest of the world shares.

How Utah’s Weak Snowpack Has Made This Winter One Of The Deadliest On Record

Winter conditions in Utah this year are ripe for avalanches. And big ones. Avalanche danger ranges from considerable to high right now across the state, according to the Utah Avalanche Center, with the potential for slides “up to five feet deep, several-hundred feet wide and likely unsurvivable.”

Utah lawmakers nix idea requiring ‘consent’ as part of sex education

Legislation that would have required Utah's sex education curriculum to include instruction about consent—including what does not constitute consent—was defeated by the House Education Committee Monday by a vote of 7-4.

The Pac-12 is pushing ahead with its conference basketball tournaments. Is this a good idea?

The conference tourneys are schedule for March 4-7 (women) and March 10-13 (men) in Las Vegas.

Utah doctors warn against relaxing health routines after COVID-19 vaccinations

As the COVID-19 vaccine campaign ramps up, and more Utahns get protected, people wonder when they can get together with loved ones who have already been vaccinated.

Impeachment Trial: Arguments for and against

The second impeachment trial for former President Donald Trump will begin on Tuesday as he faces a single charge for “incitement of insurrection.”

Dirty snow could impact spring snowmelt

The ugly brown snow that fell over much of Utah last week got everybody’s cars dirty. But it can also have an impact on spring runoff from the Wasatch Mountains.

No, COVID-19 vaccine patients are not being injected with a microchip

Robert Goldberg, History Professor at the University of Utah, says that his generation eagerly lined up to receive the Polio, Measles, and Mumps vaccines.

COVID-19 vaccine may delay annual mammograms for women, IHC discusses new guidelines

Women may be asked to delay their annual mammograms if they have recently received a COVID-19 vaccine. This comes from the Society of Breast Imaging, which reports the vaccine may impact mammograms.