News Clips for February 3-4, 2021

U of U's Black Cultural Center celebrates Black History Month

The University of Utah is hosting a variety of events in celebration of Black History Month.


It turns out that the language we use can be hiding other feelings.

A Missouri lawmaker sold a ‘potential cure’ for coronavirus. It was a fake stem cell treatment, feds say.

As she planned a run for the Missouri House last April, Patricia Ashton Derges went on local TV to trumpet a stem cell treatment offered at three clinics she owns as a “potential cure” for the coronavirus.

Charmelle Green Takes Over As Utah's Deputy Athletic Director

After an All-American career with Utah on the softball diamond, Charmelle Green is returning home where she will serve as Utah's Deputy Athletic Director. She takes over for Kyle Brennan, who left the Utes to become the Athletic Director at Illinois State

Legislative resolution would close Confucius Institutes in Utah

A resolution introduced at the Utah State Legislature this week calls for shutting down Chinese language learning programs at two universities, because of national concerns over security problems and influence by the Chinese government.

7,600 active Utah Republican voters have left the party since the U.S. Capitol attack

Elections data also shows declines in Democrat and unaffiliated categories but at a less steep rate.

‘Best is yet to come’: Intermountain Healthcare discusses world’s largest pediatric DNA mapping effort

Utah’s Intermountain Healthcare discussed the world’s largest pediatric DNA mapping effort on Wednesday.

University of Utah’s new chief safety officer leaving for Michigan State

Just a year after becoming the University of Utah’s first chief safety officer, Marlon C. Lynch is leaving the U. to take a similar position at his alma mater.

Mars: Utah company has the M.O.X.I.E. to manufacture on an alien planet

It’s part of the Perseverance rover mission to Mars, and it sounds like science fiction, but it’s not. Scientists from the earth are ready to try manufacturing on an alien planet for the first time. Utah’s OxEon Energy has helped make it very real. The experiment is called MOXIE (Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization experiment). It is part of the Perseverance Rover mission.

Rice-Eccles Stadium construction project remains on time for July finish; Dumke expansion fundraising still ongoing

Rice-Eccles Stadium will have a capacity of 51,444 once south end zone construction is complete.

Make Space, Listen, Offer Hope: How To Help A Child At Risk Of Suicide

It was over a decade ago when Regina Crider's daughter first attempted suicide at age 10.

COVID-19 vaccines may be less effective against some variants of concern, experts still encourage vaccination

Three new coronavirus mutations were recently found in the United States. Vaccine research suggests the shot may be less effective against some variants, but local experts say it’s still important to get vaccinated.

COVID Survivors May Only Need One Dose Of Vaccine, Studies Say

People who have been infected with COVID-19 may need just one dose of the vaccine, according to two new studies. The studies have not been peer-reviewed, but the medical research aims to answer the question: Should those who have had COVID-19 should get one or two doses of the vaccine?

Utah contracts for vaccine distribution help, signs company behind ‘Test Utah’

Utah has signed a contract for COVID-19 vaccination distribution with Nomi Health, an Orem-based health care company behind taxpayer-funded coronavirus testing that state auditors found initially had a much higher price tag than expected.