News Clips for February 26, 2021

STEMCAP Program helps ignite incarcerated youths’ interest in education

Sam has been at Decker Lake Youth Center for almost a year now, and he will remain at the detention center until the summer. He came in with little hope, he said, yet will leave with a diploma and goals for his future.

As Climate Change Lengthens Allergy Season, Pollen Travels Farther

If you suffer the itchy, sneezy, wheezy consequences of seasonal allergies, you're probably painfully aware that pollen season is starting earlier and lasting longer than ever.

Several more Utahraptor fossils discovered from 136M-year-old block 1st found in Utah

Scientists believe they have many more Utahraptor fossils than they originally believed from a 136 million-year-old sandstone "megablock" that was first discovered in Utah two decades ago.

After ‘Yellowstone’ exodus from Park City, bill seeks to increase Utah’s film tax incentives

For the past decade Utah’s film incentive program has supported more than 200 films and television series that were fully or partially shot in the Beehive State.

U of U Wellness Bus transitions back to health screenings after 10 months of COVID testing

After working as a mobile COVID-19 testing site for the last year, the University of Utah’s Wellness Bus is now back to its regular role. The bus over the last 10 months served more racial and ethnic communities than any other testing site in the state, helping nearly 15,000 Utahns.