News Clips for February 23, 2021

Would Canceling Student Debt Promote Racial Equity?

Many people view canceling student debt as a racial justice issue that would help many Black people struggling to repay their loans, but most of the people who'd be helped are white and those with high incomes.

Interactive: Explore who gains most from canceling student debt

As economists and policymakers debate the merits of loan forgiveness, a peek into federal data shows how different proposals could affect different groups of borrowers.

Michael Good Takes Over As Interim University Of Utah President

The Utah System of Higher Education has appointed Dr. Michael Good to lead the University of Utah as its interim president. Good came to the university in 2018. He currently serves as the CEO of University of Utah Health, dean of the medical school and senior vice president of health sciences at the U.

Utah's electrical grid considered more resilient against severe weather

Texans have been struggling with power outages after mother nature pushed a powerful winter storm in the state's direction in mid-February. This kind of severe weather is something Utah is all too familiar with, but even though we deal with outages when severe weather hits, they don't tend to knock out power to the entire state.

Two childhood viruses at near zero, a ‘good side effect of COVID-19,’ a Utah pediatrician says

Two diseases that usually hit children hard in the winter—pediatric flu and RSV—are practically nonexistent this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a leading Utah pediatrician says. The bad news: Both could come back with a vengeance next year.

Long-haulers look for help; U of U plans to add ‘post-COVID-19 clinic’

The number of COVID-19 cases continues to grow, adding more people to the group of "COVID-19 Long Haulers." Long-haulers deal with new or lingering symptoms months after contracting the virus.

Bill that supporters say would fill gap for rape victims in Utah law fails in committee

While supporters say a defeated bill supported by Rep. Angela Romero would fill a gap in Utah law that lets some sexual assault victims to fall through the cracks, opponents argue that it could have unintended consequences.

Opinion: Understanding QAnon as folklore

All of the elements of the urban legend are here. I am grateful to Professor Jan Brunvand from the University of Utah, who wrote the Encyclopedia of Urban Legends and taught three classes on folklore in which I was a student in the 1980’s. Forty years later, what I learned from Professor Brunvand has helped me to understand a very unsettling part of present day culture.

Woman poses with giraffe heart, a Valentine's Day gift for hubby

According to a new study published recently in the scientific journal Biology Letters, big game hunting is a status-enhancing signal. That’s the theory from Chris Darimont, a Conservation Scientist at the University of Victoria and the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, and Brian Codding and Kristen Hawkes, both Evolutionary Anthropologists from the University of Utah.