News Clips for February 2, 2021

A Rare Opportunity at UMFA

There’s technique and medium. But maybe most importantly, there’s point of view. This third thing that distinguishes works of art is the most enlightening to the general viewer and chances are good the points of view you’ll see in the upcoming show at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts will be completely unique and extremely relevant.

"Giant" Magnetic Bacterial Fossils Fill In Gaps In The Earth's Climate History

Magnetic bacteria create compasses out of microscopic chains of orientated iron oxide so they can ride the Earth's magnetic field to better feeding grounds. They've been doing this for hundreds of millions of years, but at certain points in Earth's history, chains many times the size of modern versions appear – like finding the occasional titanosaur among lizards.

'This is life-changing': Meet the Redditors behind the GameStop saga

Gavin May can’t help but constantly check his Robinhood app every few minutes following the GameStop mania.

Releasing Maria relief for Puerto Rico a ‘priority,’ White House says

The Biden administration is working to release hurricane disaster aid for Puerto Rico that had been withheld by the Trump administration, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Monday.

Tiger Rattlesnake venom surprises scientists: A lesson in being efficient

Next time you see a snake, especially if it’s venomous, try not to get too creeped out. Recently a paper published by a team of research scientists caused some excitement.

Utah charter school says their HVAC system prevents spread of COVID-19

For Jackie Rawlins and her family, the beginning of 2020 seemed like the perfect time for a new beginning. They moved to Utah from Idaho in March, excited for a new chapter. Then COVID-19 upended the world. “It was a weird time for everybody, trying to figure out what that meant,” said Rawlins.

5 Things To Know About Double Masking

There’s been a lot of talk recently about double masking. Does it work? When should you do it? Is it your best defense? KSL-TV has everything you need to know. As new variants of the coronavirus begin popping up, there is a renewed effort to make sure everyone is wearing the right mask.

Common Anti-Depressant Pill Shows Promise In Fighting COVID-19

A commonly prescribed pill--approved more than 13 years ago by the Food and Drug Administration for depression and obsessive compulsive disorder--is showing initial success in preventing people infected with COVID-19 from developing serious symptoms and being hospitalized.

Should pregnant women get the COVID-19 vaccine? Dr. Anthony Fauci sees 'no red flags' in safety data

Some pregnant women remain unsure about getting the COVID-19 vaccine because safety data is scarce and health agency guidelines are vague and in some cases contradictory.